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The story has some vulgarity in the title — some might yell at me for writing this as him, it is called “Cunt’s Deadline” it is set in the small press publishing world playing off S.E. Cox as a main character where she encounters dark surreal horrors and ghosts in the place she runs to from the surreal horror where she meets a bar keep with very casual attitude toward the macabre. It is currently 1900 words, and trying be under the magic number for Morpheus Tales. This one gets rather transgressive with the humor about horrifying deaths. It is dark, and dialog driven. Not like the material I do under my own name where it relies on atmosphere and descriptive horror.
      This is Lloyd Campbell writing metafiction, and it reads like a Richard Bachman story. Thinner calls to mind here, and it has an element of bizarro in there with the imagery except it is set in the here and now. As him I am going graphic but subtle. It will have elements of weird fiction in there, but not like my Lovecraftian Horror catalog. I am looking to write a Lovecraftian Horror story under my own name so I can submit it to that Lovecraft E-zine showing them how a born again Christian does Cthulhu Mythos. “Cunt’s Deadline” is something that borrows from Bret Easton Ellis with the transgressive traits, but adding more supernatural horror to it. The main character S.E. Cox is a horrotica writer and she was getting submissions of real person fiction featuring her as a character. I reached the 2000 word mark here and trying to figure out how to end it at under 3000 words for Morpheus Tales. The story is as transgressive as some of the gay counterparts who do transgressive fiction.
      It is a really transgressive style short story inspired by Logan Swanson. This one is going to be one people are going to want to read by Lloyd Phillip Campbell and I am ready to unleash him on the small press. They need a transgressive conservative author out there, someone who does the transgressive subject matter. As Lloyd Phillip Campbell I get more transgressive and more un-pc meaning it would be peppered with the word faggot, and other things that aren’t exactly politically correct. He was a fuck you to what was going around the horror genre, when being shunned by the genre because I don’t embrace the gay horror subgenre. I find that gross, and as Lloyd Phillip Campbell I scream how gross it is from the rooftops. I just become a sick fuck as him and he is downright scary when he writes horror — The Suicide Man he calls God an asshole. As him I write like Edward Lee, and he likes to piss off writers who write with intense homoeroticism.