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I took the house pen name for doing social commentary in horror — I did this under my own name with I.O.W.A. and JESUS FREAK. But I do this more with Lloyd Phillip Campbell, I allow myself to explore darker themes as a Conservative. I am a minority in the genre because I vote for George W. Bush and don’t support same sex marriage. I find it morally wrong and unnatural, it is not in God’s plan for what marriage is. That puts me at odds with every gay writer in the business because I will speak out against homosexuality. This is why Poppy Z. Brite and I went at it in 2003-2005, the rivalry came ahead in 2005 on Shocklines when I was promoting the charity anthology ushering in controversial science fiction author Trent Roman. I get a log of flack because of my ultra-conservative stances in the genre. I am respected for it though, there are some out there that want me out of the genre all together because of my stances and vocal about them. I had the balls to publish an Ex-Gay who I knew for years and had no idea he got tied up into homosexuality. K.H. Koehler claims there is no such thing as Ex-Gays. If I was going to contribute to a gay horror anthology I would make the character an ex-gay being harassed by the gays for escaping the lifestyle. This contributor opened my eyes to The Ex Gay Movement where homosexauls turn into heterosexuals exclusively.
      When Dan Willow sent me his Christian testimony for The Ethereal Gazette he wanted to go as Dan Willow — he writes as a blogger named Reverend Beast on wordpress.com. I’ve been following his blog for awhile. We both went as pen names and the origin of Lloyd was Terry Lloyd Vinson, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Ramsey Campbell. There is no relation between Lloyd Campbell and Ramsey. As him I am critical of gay horror and same sex romance takes on horror, I am little more politically incorrect. Cockgobbler publishers like Bandersnatch Books want Lloyd Phillip Campbell dead because he speaks out against homosexuality in his fiction. He will piss every gay off by being casual about speaking out against homosexuality. There are people who call me homophobic, I think there is a growing heterophobia in the business.
      They will hate Dan Willow because he says Christ delivered him from the spirit of sodom, he was sexually graphic and dark with references to the occult as he was caught up in that. He complimented Lloyd Phillip Campbell in Issue 10 — being that was the most controversial issue. The free preview of 10 is Willow’s testimony. Willow was extremely explicit with the testimony, he held nothing back and wrote it in a style that could echo the works of Edgar Allan Poe. It is the testimony that writers like Poppy Z. Brite are afraid of, they don’t like Ex-Gays. I encourage more ex-gays to come forward and tell their stories on this blog as guest bloggers. I speak out against homosexuality because of my firm belief in God. That was why I turned Rick R. Reed’s friend request down in 2007 on myspace.com, and it got to him because I was vocal about it. Again I didn’t swear.
      Some gay writers called me a bible thumper and another one outed my Christian undertones in 2003. I wasn’t quite writing with the strong faith aspect in my horror then because I was a nonpracticing Christian. I became born again in 1994, but haven’t set foot in a church in a long time — being the kind of writer I am I will have a dick of a time finding a church home. I am a Christian doing hardcore graphic horror, I don’t write with sexual content as in graphic displays of fucking but I will write sexual mutilation portaying a woman cutting a man’s bowling pin off. Lloyd Phillip Campbell is me writing toned down controversial subject matter that I published in house on The Ethereal Gazette. I opened up more about my faith in God with writing When Angels Wept Blood and with JESUS FREAK where I wrote evangelical Christian characters. As Lloyd Phillip Campbell I might write a novel in the vein of Tedd Dekker co-writing with Richard Matheson, but the hard part will be finding a home for something that controversial. I am writing a story as him right now called “Cunt’s Deadline” and this one is a mix between Rod Serling and Charles Beaumont. Charles Beaumont wrote a chilling short story where homosexuality is the norm and straights were treated like criminals. Much like the industry now if you are a born again Christian, straight and Conservative — you will have a very hard time getting placed. There is one anthology that gives Christian writers a home with open arms with their genre fiction and I am the second market for Christians wanting to break out there.
      I will look at christian author before I will consider a gay writer for any publication. Gay erotic content is turn off in a horror story for me — sex scenes distract the reader from the story. I get a lot of flack in the industry because of my stances on gay marriage and homosexuality. I get a lot of approval from the writers in the magazine for not allowing it but I get a lot of shit for not allowing gay writers to contribute. I have the no gay rule I point them to a market that takes it. Someone tried to pitch me a manuscript about a father who was sexually attracted to his son. I told that writer no thank you because I wanted to puke in my mouth. That was up there with the asshole who wanted to do a male male erotica story between me and my son. I made fodder of that prick in my memoir. I get a lot of shit because I will drop the word faggot in my work, more so as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I will make jokes like anally inflicted death sentence. The thing the industry can’t take is the political incorrectness that is my sense of humor — I get my humor from listening to heavy metal band M.O.D. I dare someone to shout the lyrics to A.I.D.s. in Boystown, the line anally inflicted death sentence. Dan WIllow told me that song is more offensive now than it was back then but even funnier now. I am the writer who will write that’s what you get for having a penis up your ass
     It is the gay publishers that want to see me get blacklisted and they want Lloyd Phillip Campbell hanging by his neck from a tree. He writes fiction that would get him lynched because he brings back the death penalty. As him K.H. Koehler was in the crosshairs, I went after her because she denounced two contributors from the Blackest Death for being part of Tabloid Purposes IV. These authors worked with just about everyone — and when I introduced the world to Lloyd Phillip Campbell it was a few years since Mike Philbin said Hertzan Chimera was dead. Lloyd Phillip Campbell was the other extreme — darkly funny and not afraid to take on social commentary in horror much like Metallica did in heavy metal. He is my Logan Swanson and the influences of the pen name is other pen names in the horror genre. He takes traits from other pen names and add his own take to the genre. The trolls jacked him and decided to write crappy homo poetry lifting the titles of my books for the poems. My ex-fiancee is pissed because I speak out against homosexuality and a vocal critic of same sex erotic horror and same sex theme horror, she lifts a title of mine trying to disassociate the title to me and then leads a mass boycott. That makes fodder for Lloyd Phillip Campbell to write about because he gets angry and inspired. I am waiting for Andrew Wolter to chime in on the movement of Christian genre fiction emerging on the scene. That is more ground breaking than an anthology like Queer Fear or Queer Fear II. I am well aware of that trend and seen previews of the anthology — it is a major turn off to me. The blogger who is going around saying I stole his identity as my pen name that is wrong — some asshole lifted the pen name to blurb is “releases” under the new “ownership” of my publishing company. The ex-fiancee supports this prick and he uses my company e-mail and magazine e-mail saying use those for GLBT submissions when I won’t even look at those kind of stories. I don’t want to compromise my beliefs for a publication.
       There are markets for GLBT slants on horror, I am not one of them. Solicit that smut elsewhere. If you are a Christian author who writes extreme horror, I want to see it I want to see graphic violence with themes of spiritual warfare. I am critical of horror trends and go against the trend to put out old fashioned horror and Lloyd Phillip Campbell writes old fashioned horror with social commentary and will write about censorship. I am the nightmare of writers like Andrew Wolter because I say homosexuals can leave the lifestyle behind. The first thing I did when I reaffirmed my faith in God in 2007 was share my faith with Kody Boye when he came out as gay. That didn’t fly too well and it didn’t fly with Diabolic Tales II because they were uncomfortable having a born again Christian on the table of contents. I worked with Christians from the beginnings of Lake Fossil Press and I didn’t realize they were devote. I don’t add gay writers to my facebook because I will say something really offensive to gays as myself and as Lloyd Phillip Campbell while writing as Lloyd I am even more offensive. I will be critical of gay horror — I’ve seen it and get grossed out by the graphic gay imagery. I showed J.M. Heluk a link of Poppy Z. Brite’s porno on her website and she told me she almost wanted to puke because she asked me if she always wrote that homosexual. I don’t read the gay writers because of my convictions — I read Clive Barker in college to get an idea what I wanted to do and be the author who was the alternative, that writer being what of Clive Barker was straight. Melany shoved Poppy Z. Brite’s work down my throat when we were dating and asking, “why can’t you write more like Poppy Z. Brite.”