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This story allows me to criticize gay horror and horrotica. I am also introducing a gritty Christian barkeep well versed in the bloody pulps. I was inspired to write this from reading a story by W.H. Pugmire trying to do a story that doubles as literary criticism and it is Lovecraftian in nature, the first as Lloyd Campbell. It is a real person horror story featuring the failed e-zine editor and failed publisher along with the disgruntled contributor I deemed a cocksucker named Marc Lyth. The editor of the e-zine got pissed off and hid the comment I made on the story. W.H. Pugmire is a bit of a weirdo when it comes to the Mythos. One of my contributors follow him, but I am doing a story that criticized the whole gay slant on the genre by being scary about it at the same time. Lloyd Phillip Campbell is a critic when it comes to the genre and a hardcore purist. As him I write with Conservative characters and put liberals in disturbing situations.
       The bed-wetting liberals in the business and working in the publishing side piss me off. The stories as Lloyd are set in the publishing industry taking inspiration from the short story Dark Satanic Mills. He shows the dark and corrupt side of the publishing industry like what I exposed when I wrote the memoir in 2007. The bullying that happens and the ones who harass the publishers into dropping your story for consideration. GAME OVER owes itself to Dark Satanic Mills, that is my favorite horror story in the small press and I was honored to appear along side it. The magazine got harassed for publishing The Typewriter but it has been a few years since that story was published. I made the story available in the third collection, but I am looking to shop around the story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell to see if I can go pro as him as I am a semi-pro under my own name. I started selling stories in 2005. But it has been a while since I sold one or sent one out for publication.