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Lloyd Phillip Campbell is getting transgressive with the horror story here because it has references to graphic drug use, having the character take hard drugs to keep her going with the e-zine is disturbing and it is dialog driven. It has elements of a ghost story in there and it is critical of gay horror. The main character publishes that kind of horror and shuns traditional horror but she is living out the plot of a lost Rod Serling story if it was written by Logan Swanson. A lot of people are going to get mad at this one when it is finished — much as they were at Hertzan Chimera when he was active. Queer Horror.com would be sending him a lot of death threats because of this story — as much as I gotten for doing The Fandom Writer’s rewrites and the sequel. I now they have their niche, I was just tired of it being shoved down my throat in 2004 when I Was asked if I wrote slash fiction. Lloyd Phillip Campbell finds that shit disgusting and isn’t afraid to take a swipe at gay horror with a humorous joke at it’s expense saying, “No one wants to read about two fags.” That came from the story The Thing At The Truck Stop in issue six.
    It was set in the industry and that took into my first novel being it was set in the cutthroat publishing industry. Lloyd Phillip Campbell takes a swipe at Michael Rowe and his anthology series in a way that is similar to Rod Serling. I am thinking of the right market where to nail with the story as him to see if the magazine with take a chance at something that is critical of a subgenre of horror that is flooding the market and makes it hard for us who write without that shit floating above water getting noticed by writing clean.