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This is some hate mail I received via the editor of Lovecract E-Zine and I am making my response public too so everyone can read both sides. I really pissed this guy off, I am not cussing him out but I did at thought out response to his e-mail. Warning there will be some language on my end that will piss people off.

From: Mike Davis
To: np1976
Sent: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 9:43 PM
Subject: Re: [Lovecraft eZine] Please moderate: “An Eidolon of Filth, by W.H. Pugmire”

Nickolaus: I don’t know what reality you think you’re in, but W.H. Pugmire, Ramsey Campbell, and Poppy Z. Brite are very respected writers, and this comment and your previous comments (which I have not approved for public view, by the way) show nothing but your own ignorance. My website is not a forum for you to run down people — especially them.
        Most importantly, though, you are not going to spew your homophobic bile there. You would be hard-pressed to meet a kinder person than Wilum Pugmire in this world. And what he does in the privacy of his bedroom, and what kind of people he is attracted to, is none of your damn business.
        Ask around — most will tell you I’m a very nice guy. A very tolerant guy who hates drama. So believe me when I say that making me angry is not an easy thing to do, but congratulations: You’ve accomplished it. I have absolutely no tolerance for people who treat gays as you obviously do.

Mike Davis

That was his e-mail to me and I am posting my response. I mention that I published a former homosexual, K.H. Koehler made a post saying, “There is no such thing as ex-gays. Your friend is still gay.”

To Mike Davis

Mike you have to realize I am a born again Christian. Ramsey Campbell is one of my biggest critics when doing horror anthologies. I made a career out of not publishing the GLBT angle of horror. There is a market for it and I am not one of those markets. I didn’t call him a peter puffer or a faggot on the comment. I am known for publishing former homosexuals in my own magazine. I speak out against homosexuality because it goes against God’s plan. I am driven by my faith in God and writing extreme horror fiction and Lovecraftian Horror myself — I am often at odds with my faith writing intense subject matter. If my Conservative views piss you off, I apologize. Poppy Z. Brite doubted I was a writer to begin with. In 2003 I challenged her to ditch the sex and on horrorworld.org, I told her off when I first got published. I don’t like to publish fiction about two men graphically getting fucked in the ass or two women eating each other out. I encourage writers to leave the sexual content behind and find new subject matter to write about.
       I made a career out of answering Poppy Z. Brite’s heterosexual writer question and I do it with authority. I respectively appeared with some of the masters of the genre and April Derleth herself called me the hybird of H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth. I recently use Evangelical Christian characters and put them in situations akin to what Richard Matheson writes. Lovecraft was an influence that got me writing horror. I made a career out of not writing sexual content. I piss off gay writers all. the time because I speak out against homosexuality and gay marriage. I am the genre’s Republican voice. I’ve been a publisher for nine years and been published in respective magazines like Withersin and Tales of the Talisman. I held my own with Kevin Lucia, Gabrielle Faust and other writers in the small press over the years. I appeared first on a site called Temple of Dagon. I am controversial because I became open with my Conservative world view in horror I write about political subject matter as a pen name — as that pen name I was critical of gay horror for the first time.
        I am not afraid to share my faith in my work but I guess you tend to shun Conservatives who are quite hardline with their views. I am bullied in the small press and the mass market because of it. I turned down Rick R. Reed’s friend request because it would had went against my beliefs adding him every gay fan of Rick’s were asking for me to be lynched saying, “Down with the breeder.” I don’t compromise my Christian stances to make a quality publication. The writers know this and follow the rules I have when I do the anthologies and The Ethereal Gazette — I say no sex in the stories. There are writers who like this rule and others send me death threats for it. The Poppy Z. Brites in the world had sent me death threats over a short story called The Fandom Writer. I read your contributors story and believe there is a market for it. Being a hard line Conservative and a Republican in the genre makes me the subject of a shitload of blacklists. I had other publishers bully my contributors out of withdrawing from a publication, I treat the writers like family. I’ve been a born again Christian since 1994 but reading H.P. Lovecraft I’ve been accused of being a Satanist. Gay writers were trying to organize book burnings of my work for inclusion of a former homosexual who shared his Christian testimony. I was opened up to that scene from the eyes of someone who escaped the lifestyle.
       The slash writers are the ones who give me the most shit in the business because I speak up for writers who don’t write with sexual content in their work. I got a following on the web for my Lovecraftian horror and for my nightmares. I got published because of a journal I kept on diary-x.com and invaded Clive Barker’s website when I was 24 with a story I wrote when I was 20 years old. I will piss people off with my subject matter and being critical of some takes of horror because I am a horror purist. I find new ways to scare people and I’ve published a few of H.P. Lovecraft’s obscure short stories. I am historian in the genre, Ramsey Campbell became my critic when I was doing a lot of 4theluv anthologies. There was one contributor who raised a huge stink about wanting out of the anthology and he was towards the middle he grew to hate me because I tried to share my faith with him on his blog. My Christian faith makes me even more controversial because I am not afraid to share my faith through publishing other Christians — I will look at Christian author before I will consider a gay author. I publish Christian horror with open arms because it is a genre people tend to take a shit on because they don’t want bible thumpers invading the genre.
        Before you call me ignorant you have to ask me do I believe in God, and what I say when I did the comment was out of my convictions. Dan Willow is quite open with his Christianity. I recently became very open with Christian faith, and sometimes that pisses off certain publishers because one of them was ran by members of The Church of Satan. Poppy Z. Brite got really pissed off that she was told off by a born again Christian, and when she got a sex change – I started to break out the scientific explanations how she is never going to be a male. I can tell transsexuals from biological by telling people to look for the adam’s apple. I am without apologies politically incorrect. If Lovecraft was alive today they would not have published him because he had a racist undertone, I am the subject of being used as a public toilet because in my first novel I have a character urinate on a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray in one scene. I am not going to let an editor urinate on my beliefs because that is the driving force for the dark subject matter of my work.

I can picture Mike commenting on this with an angry “Fuck you Nick” calling me a fucking bigot — it is not the first time I’ve been called a bigot in the business. I am well aware there is a niche market for gay writers, and one tried to invade Tabloid Purposes IV. That writer wrote a novella called His Touch IS Of Ice. I read a sample of this and thanking God above he wasn’t included in Tabloid Purposes IV. I am going to get a lot of angry responses for that e-mail because I explain why I do what I do as a publisher and a writer. The author of that novella raised a huge stink why my company should be avoided. When he came out as gay I went and shared my faith asking, “If you were to die tomorrow, where would you spend eternity.”
      I’ve been accused of being narrow minded, but I have tried to have somewhat of an open mind, publishing Willow was something that shocked me because I didn’t see it coming. Now he blogs as Reverend Beast and is getting noticed for his blog. He is a good writer for his first time being published. Well versed in the works of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft so he was descriptive and raw when he shared his testimony. I told him not to hold back when sharing it. The closest thing I have to my Christian testimony is the story Revisiting The Loss of Blood in the pages of Dirty Black Winter. I’ve been the subject of intense Heterophobia. One of my future short stories is going to tackle heterophobia head on. I’ve been the subject of a lot of heterophobic slurs by gay writer in the business, because I use terms like pole sucker or male cocksucker. My faith in God puts me at odds with gays on a regular basis. I’ve been critical of the gay slant almost from the beginning of appearing on the web where Poppy Z. Brite was mentioned in goth chatrooms.