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Takes information from contributor Dan Willow’s Christian testimony with the reference to gays and makes reference to both Queer Fear anthologies and is critical about them. The entire gay community wanted to kill both me and Willow for speaking out against homosexuality and its detailed escape. The 10th Issue for that reason was extremely eye opening. You can read his testimony as the free preview and I included my editor’s notes explaining that the world he wrote about not many want to escape from – click here to purchase the issue. Dan Willow inspired the direction because it will make reference to the ex-gay movement. I’ve been reading up on that and trying to find ways to give ex-gays voices in the industry.
        Reading Coach’s Midnight Diner: Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Edition made me much braver as a publisher and made me not afraid to write visceral horror featuring Evangelical Christians for characters. I did this for the first time with the story When Angels Wept Blood and combined literary fiction with extreme horror in a story called JESUS FREAK. That was the bravest submission I ever got for the magazine past and present. I will always remember Issue 10 for Dan Willow, I’ve known him for 20 years and had no idea he was caught up in homosexuality and the occult.
      The gay writers who read this would be questioning their own sexuality again and wonder how the hell did he get out of the lifestyle. Andrew Wolter should be afraid of Willow because Willow speaks out against homosexuality from an angle where he used to be there in the gay scene describing the gay clubs being places where men would just take their pants off and get down and dirty. It took balls to publish Coach’s Midnight Diner — they gave me the balls to publish a testimony from writer who escaped the gay lifestyle.
      This contributor is the closest thing I have to having a best friend in the business. Asking him to write his testimony out for the magazine was the thing I was missing from the publication and wanted to do an anthology of dark testimonies from Christians who came from gritty backgrounds. I became bolder with sharing my own faith in writing horror fiction since publishing Dan Willow’s testimony it had been three years later and there had been a real shitstorm from the gay writers and writers saying there is no such thing as an Ex-Gay. I worked with a host of writers who are Born Again Christians in the genre, my first Christian Horror read was Macey Wuesthoff for Tabloid Purposes One. I appeared with a few writers in the genre who are admitted born again Christians such as Paul Melniczek who I had the honor of appearing with in New Writers Of The Purple Page back in 2004, he introduced me to Naked Snake Press in 2005 with his chapbook so I was well aware of Donna Burgess. My co-author on House of Spiders 3 is a born again Christian. Since publishing them and writing my most controversial story. They have been coming out of the woodwork. Dan Willow hit the magazine like a bolt of lightening for his first appearance and debut as a published writer. He is going to piss a lot of gays off with his testimony because he doesn’t hold back.