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A Personal Stalker

This asshole from Finland made me a hobby and created a site with etherealgazette.com when he was tossed off lulu.com for writing a story as my dead grandmother. This goes into detail how he would harass me via the snail mail system and phone too. He posted my families address on vampirefreaks.com and was removed from the site for stalking. I decided to write about the experience as unclefossil on WritersCafe.org, you’re welcomed to check it out and relate some of your own stories dealing with obsessed stalkers. He runs with a plagiarist from Scotland who would lift my titles and ideas for stories on his blog. The asshole got published on this shit website he created, the fag pirated my memoir and posted it on his website with my family’s home phone number. That was up there with Susan Taylor and Dan Fox posting my phone number one number at a time and published a book which libels my entire family on Lulu.com. Taylor got pissed because I blasted Brian Keene on a message board suggesting she eats the peanuts from his shit, and I called her a cunt when she created The Truth About Nick on Xanga.com. That was the pre-blog for that Rusty nail cunt who would warn publishers about me and try to fuck over publications.
      Because of the bitch behind Panic Press I lost the deal with Lame Goat Press with When Angels Wept Blood. The troll AngryInillinois came to the board making ownership of my company saying he is lifting the no sex and no gay content rules on Lake Fossil Press. He hasn’t produced a publication since his assumed ownership, he doesn’t own the fucking company — S.E. Cox was going to interview him and the stalkers. She published a review done by one of my stalkers who pirated More Frightening Than Fiction and The Writings Collected. The cunt decided to do a book called Tabloid Purposes and bought a domain with Tabloid Purposes then using that domain to fuck me over. The fag named Martin decided to resurrect Nickyranting on blogspot.com that fag pirated my publications using drop box and impersonated me on facebook passing me off as flaming homosexual. He is part of the reason I have a hard time getting readers and contributors. S.E. Cox made sure I never had a line up again, her blog entry nearly killed Lake Fossil Press and The Ethereal Gazette. After Issue 13 — I didn’t fold. I just went back to focus on anthologies. Issue 13 was a cliff hanger — Issue 14 will be an anthology and the magazine will turn into an anthology series with ISBNS and author bios. It is now a 4theluv market and will scout fanfiction.net to get writers for the magazine. I have to rely on manuscript trading to get manuscripts, A.R. Baun called my publications fake well he doesn’t have a publishing history. His only credit was a really corrupt e-zine by Stephen W. Roberts who used writers like pawns. They collectively sent me an e-mail expressing their public hatred of me because of my old incarnation of the wordpress blog. They can’t tell fiction from nonfiction. Calling my submission, “A fictional story that reads as a nonfiction one.” They were idiots.
     My first stalker was a blogger who calls himself Lokust. He took his anger out on Writings From The Grave and I did a post saying they were going to stand in line to kick the shit out of him. He got me suspended from LiveJournal and The Rusty Nail got me completely kicked from the site because I exposed her as Jane Beresford on youtube.com. She endorses all the writers who want my work to die with me and dismiss me as a fan fiction writer all my career. It led to a public fight on deviantart.com and on wordpress when I vowed not to buy an author’s work after he died because of the bad blood I had with him in life. K.H. Koehler is nothing but a fan fiction writing hack who got a following from her jacking off on Vampire Hunter D fan fction. That is where I found her “work” and think she sucks as a writer and she sucks as a human being. She became one of my biggest thorns in the side when it comes to getting writers, the cunt decided to warn people away from Lake Fossil Press. Her only publishing history was writing fan fiction. Christine Morgan is the other one whose body of work before she got published was entirely fan fiction I outed both of them as fan fiction writers when they got pirated copies of my memoir.
      I bought one book from Black Death Books and that was in 2004 when Steven Shrewsbury was published with them. I appear along side Shrews in Reality Check I was the tool who referred him to that anthology, he stabbed me in the back when I joined Naked Snake Press in 2006 being part of that mass walk out Angeline Hawkes and Elizabeth Blue tried to organize. When I was published with them the publisher got death threats and the Angeline took her anger out on the first Tabloid Purposes. She tried stalking my sister on facebook.com. I read one book of hers, but when she tried that stunt with Naked Snake Press I will not support her work again. I am keeping my promise of submitting to every place she submitted to just to piss her off.