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Thanks for submitting “Gruesome Cargo II,” but I’m going to pass on it. It didn’t quite work for me, I’m afraid. Best of luck to you placing this one elsewhere, and thanks again for sending it my way.

That was from Nightmare Magazine. Gruesome Cargo II might had been too graphic for him because the subject of self-cannibalism is a subject only Stephen King had written about in one of his short stories. This one is going to make the rounds to different publications until it finds a home. I am thinking of collaborating on a short story to get placed in Nightmare Magazine. This wasn’t a form rejection but the e-mail I couldn’t reply to asking him what he thought of the short story. This is an extremely graphic and surreal one for me, the most graphic short story of my catalog. I wish Jordan Bobe was still doing Darkend Horizons so I could submit this to him for consideration. This might be too traditional horror for BizarroCentral.com.
   &nsbp; It is too long to submit to Morpheus Tales, but I am looking for a few markets to place this one. I am thinking Dark Gothic Resurrected but this might be too extreme even for them. I think I made the editor vomit when this submission was sent. I wonder how hard was it for Stephen King to publish Survivor Type when he first wrote it. I am going to have a really hard time placing this one, this might be too graphic for Tales of the Talisman. I told David Summers I Was going to do a self-cannibalism story he said that subject matter could be an issue. If I was to ask Stephen King a question I would ask him how hard was it to place Survivor Type.
   &nsbp;   The last time I did a cannibalism story was when I Was 21 years old when I wrote A Dark Place. I explored some taboo subject matter with this story and as Lloyd I am going to be more transgressive by having a character who is addicted to hard drugs. I had no problem placing Gruesome Cargo on The House Of Pain — if she still had the e-zine going it would been a perfect fit for it.
   &nsbp; I really want to sell this one so bad it isn’t even funny. I am going to gross out a lot of people with this one, and I think the editor of the magazine was too grossed out by the macabre imagery I conveyed with Gruesome Cargo II. This one was one of the weirder stories in my catalog but it was the first actual short story I wrote since my grandfather died so it feels good that I have it done. I am waiting for my magazine’s alumni or anthology alumni to get a publication of their own going because I would submit in a heartbeat to it. James Cain is resurrecting his magazine and I am thinking of writing a horror story exclusively for it. I am planning to write some freebies to post on deviantart.com so I can get a following over there with my work. Dave has my deviantart.com profile linked to Tales of the Talisman meaning my photography is getting noticed. Tabloid Purposes IV is the anthology I used the most of my photography to bring the 2008 reboot to life, that one is the book that Jane Timm Baxter forced Tabloid Purposes II out of print desecrating Barbara Malenky’s memory. I was pissed enough to tear up her book and wipe my ass with the front page the video tape it.
   &nsbp; Skullvines author Michelle Lee was trying to organize a boycott back then. I am selective who I submit to and sometimes I don’t always have the right story for them. Then when I get called a fan fiction writer on Shocklines, these publishers make it hard for me to get placed because they call my story a fan fiction within a certain fandom. Marc Lyth called my nightmare journal fan fiction. I flat out wanted to kill him when he said that. I am sending around just to prove that I am more than a publisher but I am working writer in the business. I want to give my publishing company and the line ups more exposure and expand my writing credits. I am still trying to go professional in the market and willing to collaborate to get there. I am shopping around darkmarkets.com and thinking about making a story exclusive to smashwords.com. I haven’t worked with them yet to publish stories but some mass market counterparts are embracing them to publish their stories. I am planning to write some freebie short stories that are 4000 words for Devianart.com. I haven’t employed them fully for free works but I had posted my more literary stories there with Gothic slants.
   &nsbp; As Lloyd Campbell I am not going to post freebies but they will be uploaded to Smashwords.com if I have novellas written as him. I am thinking of getting some works published with smashwords.com as exclusives to there as I do print exclusives and freebie exclusives to websites. I am thinking of posting stories on e-groups again because I got a real following from newsgroups. Smashwords will be where I will release my more vile horror stories if I can find a talented artist to do the covers for me on tnem. I just don’t want them to turn out all damed wonky. I am going to write more controversial stories under my own name on smashwords.com then invade the editors I pissed off under a pen name. I plan to publish some of the more extreme horror with a Christian slant at smashwords.com but the novel I am looking to submit to a few publishers when it is finished. It will be lightly controversial. I sparked controversy on Lovecraft E-Zine with a comment that wasn’t approved and doing a criticism of gay horror he called me ignorant and homophobic. I did the criticism as a born again Christian. My views and convictions piss people off but at the same time I am respected for it. I am respected by my contributors for not allowing sexual content, they call me the editor that is fun to work with. If they submit to me they are going to have fun and designing the anthology’s cover was something I had everyone’s input in doing when I did the second Tabloid Purposes II everyone submitted something for the cover art.
I tend to point gay writers to other markets, but it is hard trying to expand writing credits when every magazine is closed to submissions. I am going to submit to publications where I pissed the editor off as a pen name and have an e-mail address for the pen name too. I get a lot of criticism for not allowing sexual content and death threats for rejecting graphically gay oriented horror. I don’t accept it because that kind of horror was shoved down my throat from the ex-fiancee when we were still dating. I pissed off the gay community by destroying San Fransisco in The Storms of Armageddon and left it for dead in cyber:Terror:Machine. I have a real knack for pissing them off, and they like to really piss me off in a special way. Scott Colbert has a habit of pissing me off, the sodomite send me penny payments via paypal a few years back. Over the years I am coined “The Renegade” and I live up to this — I don’t pull any punches, and writing stories that leave people pissed off and wanting to kill me is something I’ve done since 2004.
   &nsbp; Some of the contributors call my magazine ever controversial, it is because it doesn’t allow sexual content. The editor Mike Davis published a few jerks in the business, the one I am talking about is the one I called The Scottish Pubic Hair. I appeared along side him in 2005 when he appeared on HorrorMasters.com and I can hold my own with him and could hold my own with some of the best in the business. I would like to appear in an anthology with some of my critics just to shut them up. I get harassed by transsexuals because I tell the truth, I got called cis-gendered and had to look that up.
   &nsbp; I took ownership of the word and took ownership of the word “breeder” I’ve been called breeder a number of times in the business, they threatened magazines and put the pressure on them to drop me from the TOC then they organized media blackouts trying to get other blogs not to cover me or promote my books or anthologies. Contributors are ganged up on and I get ganged up on via message boards saying, “Avoid Lake Fossil Press” and what Predators & Editors said of me saying I treat contributors like shit. I got treated like shit by Marc Lyth and some writers get angry because I get their name wrong once or twice. Some mass market writer get extremely pissed with me because I say they get paid for jacking off on fandoms for their novels. That is why it is so hard to get placed it takes the right publisher brave enough and willing to go on a limb to speak up for me when they get bullied. If they submitted to your anthology and they accepted your story then willing to take a bullet for you, give them the lead spot.