Is making the rounds trying to butt-fuck me out of contributors on fanfiction.net, she got published with a publisher who tried to screw a contributor out of appearing in the fifth incarnation of Tabloid Purposes. I told her to stick to writing fanfiction because she sucks at original fiction. She became my plaything with a story called Fandom Weirdness which is a toned down story similar to The Fandom Writer and The Fandom Writer II. She is one of Brian Keene’s fuck buddies and gave my company a load of shit since 2008. She got published with Skullvines Press (they must been having a huge orgy.)
      She is buddy buddy with that bitch K.H. Koelher who adapted one of Brian Keene’s bad habits of editing comments to make someone look like they are flaming homosexual Will & Grace fan fiction writer — that is disgusting. Brian Keene still reeling from my appearance in Withersin Magazine. The new story is a Twilight Zone yarn where it reference real person fic and different kinds of fandom. It is the third story set in this world. I hope that certain magazines will accept this kind of story because the fucked up things in the story happen to a slash writer and she gets pissed off because she was living out the imaginations of the horror fandoms. This one is weird in The Twilight Zone sense. Lloyd Campbell is doing a horror version of real person fiction featuring S.E. Cox and Marc Lyth. It is fucked up making jokes about gay vampires and walls sprouting eyes which mirrors the second Fandom Writer.