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Are editing my comments on their blogs to pass me off as a shitty author and shit publisher who reads Poppy Z. Brite, writes all male romance and say that I am a “fan” of their works. Fuck them all, I will never own a book by either of them. They are all dicks who don’t want to face the truth that I published a lot better authors and have more heart than any of them. Mary edits my comment saying I want to get a job at McDonald’s the bitch learned that from getting fucked in the ass by Brian Keene. She got her publishing deal in a hotel bed with her legs spread. I am suggesting she got it by having sex with the publisher. Since they can’t edit the post here, I am not jealous of any of them — I am a much better author than any of them will be and I can do it without writing sex and playing with other subject matter. I am critical of gay horror because of my convictions, Bandersnatch Books tried to bully one of my contributors out of a publication. I am glad they went to shit because they were too much of a bully to be publishers — just like Skullvines Press, the staff are collectively assholes.
      None of them paid their dues and making the rounds sending to token paying magazines. I spoke to one of my publishers about Mary a few years a back and she had some choice words for her. Mary is the biggest slut in the business. She looks like a slut, and in my interview in 2007 she was threatening to lawyer up when I suggested how she got her deal with The Hollower. I read a sample of that piece of shit novel on Leisure via Amazon.com, I don’t see where Eric Enck celebrates her. I am think they are having sex for the reviews. Bandersnatch Books wants me dead because I am Republican who refuses to play by the rules. I broke the rules in the business, the HWA was at odds with me because my willing to give the self-published a chance and turn them into small press writers. Mary blasted House of Spiders 3 when it was in the preview on Lulu.com, the cunt is jealous because she can’t do Lovecraftian Horror. Mary always had a reputation of being a stuck up bitch to the small press, now since I’ve been a small press publisher longer than she’s been a novelist I am critical of the writers in my age bracket. I can’t stand Mary because of her snobbish attitude towards the self-published because I will shell out the money for a self-published novel before I will buy her shit.
      Her, Colbert, Koehler, The Rusty Nail and Keene like to edit my comments passing me off as a fucking fan fiction writer in the Will 3 Grace fandom. Fuck all of them for that — they like to fuck the small press in the ass when it comes to veteran publishers who took me under their wing. One of my publishers refused to back down and spoke up for both myself and my co-author on the roster. There was threats of a mass walk out and a media blackout when I was writing the memoir. Since Colbert the flaming fruitloop likes to one star my books without reading them I read a sample of his novella on Amazon.com Barbed Wire Kisses is the shittiest novella I ever read, he must been sucking off the publishers to get published with that overrated vanity press. I got the most bullying from Timothy Leider when he would tag my books with “gay sex” in the pages, I almost appeared along side with him in an anthology but the editor dropped me the last minute. The Other Dark Place where these cunts were regulars would harass would be magazines whom accepted my work for publication, they would send them death threats until they dropped the submission, S.E. Cox joined the fucking bandwagon by starting a tug a war with two contributors who are on my magazine and anthology. Leider likes to bitch saying I am vile troll when he is really the troll who is a full time blogger and part time publisher.
        I wrote the memoir because of the heat my publishers were catching for publishing House of Spiders 3 — the memoir is a swipe at the dirty politics of the industry how the publisher said on her website they never really left high school. Mary decided to be a bitch and make it her personal crusade that I don’t get a professional readership. My anthologies got no support from the HWA and some porn writing hack pirated the first book a day before it came out. I made it a trade secret that the contributors don’t know about each other until after the book is published. I was a paying market from the gitgo. The magazines accepting me got beat on by the mass market assholes in the industry. Ray Garton made it his personal mission to fuck me over when I was doing the local issue, in the memoir I had his number because I use Joseph Locke to blast on him. I reference how he gets paid for masturbating on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I don’t want to read a fan fiction book filled with cum stains. The head of disgraced publisher and cocksucker Scott Colbert would give me a lot of shit because I am outspoke with my Christian views, and that puts me at odds with the industry. That turned into an interblog war with the former HWA President where I started exposing him as being worked with booksurge to get his books out there.
   &nsbp;  Sodomite magnet Poppy Z. Brite did a post on The Other Dark Place mentioning how I was writing An eye In Shadows, the authors to see this as a work in progress are my anthology mates and a magazine publisher who published one of my nonfiction stories. That magazine became my third nonfiction credit. I wrote An Eye In Shadows as a sister book to Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape and it’s seed titled Misguidance was published in the pages of Dirty Black Winter. Over the years Keene poopoo’d on Tabloid Purposes and it’s sequels but I would shut him up with the credit in Withersin Magazine where he had an interview in there. Withersin including nonfiction came from my input. I was originally supposed to have a regular column in there — she was a gravedigger at heart and these hacks like to insult the line up and editors who ushered me in. I learned from the best in the business as a publisher. When I got accepted to Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 I experienced the politics first hand because assholes were crying to have me pulled from the anthology. Publishers like Delerium Books wanted me to call it quits and gothic.net is the reason I got all the shit reviews. One of Darren McKeeman’s cronies threatened my star from the first Tabloid Purposes. They were supposed to do an anthology but nothing came of it, the publisher of Delerium Books wanted to give one of their alumni a lot of shit for being part of Tabloid Purposes II — the roster were the biggest advocate for me having the talent and creativity in the genre. I am one of the most original horror writers in the business where I don’t fuck with gay vampires or zombies, two overdone sub-genres. I came up with the storm menace subgenre and docuhorror. One of my contributors coined it.
      When I first became published and got the slot for Reality Check in 2004, there were a few message board who tried to fuck me over because I posted a picture on the board giving the middle finger. I was giving the industry the middle finger by not allowing sexual content and refusing the inclusion of the gay horror trend. They don’t like when a writer is an outspoken Republican — I became open about my Conservatism in 2002 on the Goth Community boards. The mass market writers who had been more than cool to my roster are Mike Liamo and some of the Robert Bloch’s Psychos roster. The writer I wanted to beat the fuck out of for making fun of Reality Check is paid fandom writer David Nail Wilson. Angeline Hawkes picked a fight with my co-author on House of Spiders 3 and the hack attempted to add my kid sister on facebook. She got angry because I taunted her by saying I Was going to submit to every market she got published with. The bad blood came ahead on the message board — the writer I still have bad blood with is J.L. Benet because of what he did to the first Tabloid Purposes. I wrote of a school teacher hack in the book where a student is reading Tabloid Purposes, he hijacks the book and tosses it in the garbage. I remember reading him on AuthorsDen.con and he is nothing to write home about. One of my fans wrote him an angry myspace message telling him off for posting every link to Tabloid Purposes One and Horror-Web was encouraging the piracy of the book. That led to the hope you get AIDS rant and insulting her in her e-mail calling her a raging cunt. She would had loved to see a hostile takeover of my company. Fan fiction writer Christine Morgan is picking fights on fan fiction.net warning people not to submit to me.