Of all the contributors I had on The Ethereal Gazette there is one I want to actually beat the fuck out of for the shit he is causing me in the business, that being the cocksucker Marc Lyth. I blacklisted him from submitting to Lake Fossil Press and made him a horror plaything that I will get published at his expense. Lyth went crawling to Panic Press after being published with me in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 — he can write all male romance as far I care. But I will see to it he will never be published again, especially when he took a ripe shit on my anthology on Amazon.com. The faggot is impossible to work with and he needs to be brutally beat up tossed into an an open grave and urinated on. I wish I never published him if he was going to be like this. He needs to be punched in the head. He joined the bandwagon of calling my body of work fan fiction works.
      Lyth was impossible to work with and he is the bane of all my hatred for the piece of shit hack. I want to see to it he gets famous for writing fan fiction. He sucks as a human being, and calls me vile for sending him a paypal bill for blasting my work. He would get along nicely with Darren McKeeman because Darren hates me with a passion. Darren actually insulted me when I submitted for gothic.net in 2003 when I wrote Darkness From The Skies. Lyth is getting the horror target treatment by Lloyd Phillip Campbell because he is the biggest piece of shit in the business. I republished The Ethereal Gazette minus that faggot’s story in it when I got his name right I had included a public service announcement saying Marc is impossible to work with and needs to be handled carefully. He is trying to fuck me over in the business now and he reserves the same honor I want to do to Ray Garton. Garton tried to fuck me over on youtube and he gets paid for writing fan fiction. Lyth blasted Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape because of his anger he had with the public service announcement in The Ethereal Gazette concerning that fag.
      I don’t want to see Marc Lyth get published again in the industry and his work to die with him when he goes. He called An Eye In Shadows a story of a repressed homosexual coming out of the closet when I am not gay. I will do an anthology of stories featuring that asshole getting killed off in the story he is a horror plaything because of what he did, so I wonder what he thinks about being food for the gods where writers play the swap horror targets game. He became a horror target and I am going to have some fun with the guttertrash piece of shit. So Marc if you are reading this blog — for your taking a ripe shit on my namesake an anthology I am going to write a story that is nothing short of beating the fuck out of you. Fuck you and the virus you rode in on you hack piece of shit you are nothing but a fan fiction writing hack that needs to go back to writing fan fic.