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Lloyd Phillip Campbell’s story is nearing 3000 words and it is going to be too long for Morpheus Tales, thinking it might be something to be considered for Dark Discoveries but it might be too controversial for them too. I am looking for that right magazine to unleash this bad boy – it has dark references to drug use and jokes about gay vampires. It has that conservative charm that is Lloyd, and he isn’t afraid to give the middle finger when he writes horror fiction. I’ve been giving the industry the middle finger for years, they don’t like being flipped off and stories like House of Spiders and The Fandom Writer along with the sequel I was saying “fuck you” when I wrote them. GAME OVER was a huge fuck you. I will sometimes in a rejection letter say fuck you to the writer if they send me something that breaks the rules. I am known for the rejection letter from hell.
      Cun’t Deadline is his most abrasive it is equal to The Fandom Writer written by me, and that is my cult story. People either love it or want to kill me for writing it. Every slash writer wants my blood for this story, and The Fandom Writer II is that abrasive and even more controversial. I make reference to a writer photographing himself taking a shit and photographing the fecal matter exiting his anus. That is reference to Pete Steel of Type O Negative with the album The Origin of Feces. I am the controversial horror writer in the business and writing as a pen name I am even more controversial. The Ethereal Gazette’s 10th Issue is the most controversial issue of the magazine because of the inclusion of an Ex-gay’s Christian testimony. I was shocked when I read it because he didn’t hold back, The Suicide Man is Lloyd’s darkest story where it criticizes organized religion. Cunt’s Deadline is an even more controversial story — GAME OVER was controversial as my first novel.
      I caused controversy by banning sexual content in my publications because everyone was publishing sexual content in their publications, perverse sexual content. Co-editing The House of Pain I had a trained eye for graphic displays of butt-fucking and dicks getting bit off. You are not going to see that with Lloyd Phillip Campbell but he will go into characters that do excessive drug use and other transgressive subject matter. He will joke about incest and rape. He is not afraid to make a joke about the gay kid murdered and left for dead on a fence. I become even more controversial when I get pissed off, and that is something that would turn some heads. Some publishers are scared of the controversy, Jason Hughes calls himself controversial but he hasn’t gathered as much controversy as I have in the history I’ve been a published author. I will not write about masturbation gone wrong because sexual subject matter is done too much in horror.
       Even when I am toned down I am controversial. I am going to write as a pen name a character who is an Ex-Gay tormented by gays because they say, “there is no getting out of the lifestyle you will always want to be fucked in the ass and have your dick sucked.” Ex-Gays is a controversial subject and I am getting exposed to that world because of Dan Willow’s testimony. I have no regrets on publishing that testimony because The Ethereal Gazette is a ballsy publication, I had a lot of balls to speak up for writers who don’t use sex in their fiction. Lloyd Fhillip Campbell is as controversial as I am if not more so, writing controversial subject matter is always going to touch a nerve. The Midnight Diner is borderline controversial because mixes evangelical Christianity with brutal Gothic Horror.
     Cunt’s Deadline by Lloyd Phillip Campbell is brutally critical of the gay horror writer in the business. It is a tight supernatural horror story with some bizarre scares and some scenes that would echo some of the bizarro subgenre. There are some people who will want his blood because he ha a character that says faggot referring to the vampires and jokes about vampires ejaculating in a man’s ass. There are people who are going to want to kill Lloyd Phillip Campbell and me for unleashing a creative right wing horror writer unto the world. Cunt’s Deadline isn’t as right wing as some of the other stories but has some right wing elements in the story. Being a Republican in the horror genre there is a lot of people wanting to blacklist you. I get deballed for criticizing a gay writer on an e-zine, and the e-zine mentions one of my rivals in the business Poppy Z. Brite. The searing tell off is still heard throughout the horror genre, “I don’t write for the ass pirates you call fans. I am not standing in the way of your career so get the hell out of mine.” That was what I said on horrorworld.org in 2004 to her after being published in Reality Check. Me being a published author is a nightmare come true for her, I write about violent things happening to LBGT people I send them to hell in stories where hell is a lake of burning piss.
 Because of my conservative slant, I do get a lot of death threats — I broke in other great conservative minds in the genre with the magazine. I want to do an anthology of all horror fiction with a Conservative slant. H.P. Lovecraft was conservative and called a racist.
      In the industry people want my blood for writing The Fandom Writer and they want Lloyd Phillip Campbell’s blood for making fun of gay horror in one of his stories. The memoir a lot of people on The Other Dark Place were wondering what the memoir was about — I took the direction I took with the memoir because of the heat Donna took for publishing me. In the history of the small press there hadn’t been a mass walk out or threats of a media black out. The Other Dark Place felt like they got their ass kicked in an interview because I pulled no punches. I remember what Mike Philbin told me when I Was writing the memoir about wanting to get out of the way because there are a lot of people who are going to be left in a pile of shit. I published some of the best in the business and because of Donna I became a serious contender in the small press. I worked with a lot of genre heavyweights who won a British Fantasy Award for his work outside of Tabloid Purposes.
      A lot of my work is done on the first try and gets published, no rewrites needed for the publication. I get called “First Try Pacione” because everything I’ve done and submitted was on the first try. I got rejection letters saying submit again, and sometimes I get insulted by editors. I get insulted in public by Scott Colbert disgraced publisher of Bandersnatch Books which publishes alternative fiction. I wouldn’t submit to that asshole if my life depended on it. I get called a fan fiction writer by Skullvines Press, they insult every publisher and magazine who published my work — even pissed on the mighty House of Pain E-Zine which Wraith trusted me enough to give me the keys to co-edit the final issue. That was the first editor job I did and it brought me a lot of practice into my resume as an anthologist. I learned from watching Bob Gunner and Bob took me under his wing when everyone was bragging about publishing credits I was more interested in working behind the scenes. I have a strong understanding and knowledge of the publishing industry and it’s fucking high school politics.
     &nbsp;I established a reputation of publishing other publishers. We published each other’s work on our respective publications. I got Everette Bell from Ron Hanna as a referral from Wild Cat Books where I appear along side Paul Melniczek. I have appeared with the best in the business and as a publisher I can hold my own with the heavyweights in the industry by putting out anthologies with custom copyright pages. When I started as Lloyd Phillip Campbell in 2087 — he was a house pen name. I was going to write as him in the pages in the Ethereal Gazette. There are writers who are going, “Wow he really guised up his style.” They couldn’t guess that Lloyd Phillip Campbell was me. The new story I am thinking of submitting to Morpheus Tales but now it is too long for consideration, they might blacklist him for the criticism of queer horror. He is every queer writer’s worst nightmare, someone who answers Poppy Z. Brite’s question about heterosexual writers writing about heterosexual characters with authority.<br.      Lloyd Phillip Campbell is more right wing than I am, and being the Conservative in the genre I get a lot of backlash. Readers commanding publishers to pull me from an anthology or cut me from a magazine. They were doing that to Withersin when they wanted the interview with Brian Keene instead of my nonfiction entry I appear as N.A. Pacione, a name I haven't used since I was in the Navy. I haven't went by that name since 1994 and it was how I signed reports when I was standing watch. The story how I got Lloyd Phillip Campbell submissions is that his girlfriend would hand deliver the disk to me somewhere in Joliet. I was going to enlist an actor to be his face until someone lifted him for blurbs on plagiarized titles that the alleged new "owner" of Lake Fossil Press produced. He plagiarized my novel with the help of Robert Baupader. Baupader is not a writer he is just another David Boyer. A lot of writers want me dead in the business for publishing an ex-gay in the magazine if I was going to do it again I would because it was eye opening for me. I was shocked when Dan Willow revealed the details he revealed he was graphic about oral sex in the testimony and was detailed about the gay scene — if you want to read this follow me here. I wrote as Lloyd Phillip Campbell for the second time in that issue as the darkest story I did as him. All the subject I do as him is highly controversial — not all the issues of the magazine will spark controversy but this one will. The story idea I am doing as him came from talking with contributor Noah Savage a talented writer who debuted in The Gazette. The writers in the magazine were well versed in the era of the BLoody Pulps and weird menace doing issue ten was entertaining but also eye opening. I was first exposed to the ex-gay movement via Dan Willow and this issue was done within a rivalry with a former friend who runs Kilter a dark alternative magazine from Chicago’s north side. The had lesbian vampires we had fatty cannibals. I challenged Kilter when Peter Propaganda verbally spit in my face saying my magazine was going to be darker and more taboo– because of Peter stabbing me in my back I have a hard time getting noticed in Chicago. Apathademon laughed at my will to be competitive. I always like being the competition. Chad Savage refused to work with me on House of Spiders 3 because he learned I was the author who urinated on Darren McKeeman’s photograph and grossed out Mary Sangiovanni on Shocklines by posting a picture of my book after I signed it in blood. I am part of the signed in blood club. That turned out into a gross out contest with Carlton Mellick III suggesting I sign a book using anal butter. In a private message I asked him what the fuck is anal butter. He explained it and I wish I didn’t ask because he grossed me out.
      The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 and Issue 13 had a Naked Snake Press connection to it. House of Spiders 3 was designed by the GraveworX which is my graphic design moniker. We were using new software when doing it — she was introduced to Open Office by me because that was how I edited Tabloid Purposes 3. I wrote my memoir entirely on Open Office. I am the only publisher who takes Open Office Text attachments. When I wrote the stories as Lloyd, I was exploring and blasting some horror trends, when I wrote Bleed The Freak in Tabloid Purposes II I was beating the fuck out of Brian Keene and Ray Garton because they were the ones who bullied me on message boards. I read a sample of Garton’s work he pisses me off because he gets paid for writing fanfic off Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Lloyd Phillip Campbell came a long to take a shit on Joseph Locke.