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I really thought about submitting for this but i don’t think I have anything toned down enough for it. Gruesome Cargo II is the most extreme horror story I wrote and it is one of my longer ones. I am thinking of places where to sell this one but seems like every market is closed. This one the deadline is just right for me to finish the story and send it to them. I invite anyone who is following this blog to reblog this entry to get the word out about this market . I am working on a story right now that is titled Fandom Weirdness. It is a story set in the fan fiction writing world of speculative fiction where the main character gets celebrated for writing real person fan fiction but her world becomes darker and more bizarre. The Fandom Writer character A.J. Poe is introduced in this one yelling at a fan fiction writer writing his characters into all male romance. This is mildly controversial because I am not sending anyone to hell but it will have traits of The Twilight Zone.

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The Weird Legends project has been cancelled after the sad loss of the editor, Gill Shutt. If you wanted to learn a little more about Gill, I have written a few words about her here — Tim C. Taylor, Repository publisher.


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