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In 2000 it was my second online publication, my ex-fiancee would shove Clive Barker’s work down my throat and she would often shove Poppy Z. Brite’s work down my throat when we were dating. I don’t read either of those writers because I am Christian, I believe homosexuality is not in God’s plan. On a whim when I had been the owner of a free e-mail service hosted by Writings From The Grave. I submitted out to Demoriam, Clive Barker’s E-Zine. That was my first major online publishing credit with the most sought after short story of mine in the early career. I didn’t just get accepted, I invaded Clive Barker’s Demoriam. I got noticed by Chad Savage around that time. At one time Chad and I were friends but the friendship was strained because of the rivalry I have with Poppy Z. Brite and one of her publishers who called me a fan fiction writer when I write Lovecraftian Horror. I got published on THe House of Pain and Temple of Dagon at the same time.
      I got a new fan in Temple of Dagon. Then I brought friend and author Andrew Ian Dodge along from AuthorsDen.com. Some writers in the business have a hard time believing I invaded Barker’s website — it something that makes me laugh but pisses off all his gay fans how this born again Christian would invade a site where he isn’t influenced by the writer. I read The Hellbound Heart when I was still in college, just to get a feel of what he did as a writer. I was still feeling my way around at the time, I vowed to write horror without sexual content back then too. I was more visceral and graphic then went double duty on the suspense. Around this time I befriended author James Barlog and read a good part of Windows to the Soul. Reading that book early on and then remembering what he did later in my career I started to tone it down. One of my early stories I had a sexual mutilation and a vampire killing off his cell mates.
      I started to play with all sorts of subject matter in horror, when I wrote my notorious short story. I was blasting the who slash fiction trend and that was forced down my throat when I was posting links to my diary-x on the livejoural community I used to run. I used my diary-x journal for the link back. I proved having a single entry journal can get you published. A good part of my first book came from the entries on that journal plus two stories I wrote on FictionPress.com and AuthorsDen.com. AuthorsDen.com gave me a following and a shitload of reviews that are favorable, I discovered future contributors from AuthorsDen.com and FictionPress.com gave me a younger audience for my work. I was published first for an extreme horror story in Reality Check when Terry Vinson pointed out a contest his publishing company was putting out. I took the submission call and wrote one of my signature short stories. My clean horror story just appeared on The House Of Pain, author Nicholas Tillemans introduced me to the House of Paim. Wraith when I submitted to her, she didn’t just say she was accepting Gruesome Cargo she said, “I was waiting for you.” Apparently she followed Writings From The Grave when it was linked to Fright Library Toronto. I eventually published the web master of that website.,br>      Becasue of Gruesome Cargo I started to get a following on different horror circles then I eventually got discovered by Nicholas Grabowsky when I was posting stories on a newsgroup we were both active with. I would test my stories on newsgroups. Back in 1997 Gary Morton and I pioneered the manuscript trade on egroups. I am part of the cyberhorror wave of 1997. Writings From The Grave has a following and it was the oldest official author website without a domain. I stated to get fans and I can spot my fans from the rest of the bunch. They fight, smoke, drink beer, swear and listen to heavy metal. I started to be photographed with other metalheads at Gothicfest 2007 because they were surprised that one of their own is published. A guy who dresses in black and has long hair listening to Metallica and with James Hetfield’s drive. After all I share his birthday. I am critical of the horror writers who are the same age as I am because a lot of them try to butt-fuck publications out of each other.