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I am interested in collaborating as an editor and do the formatting to publish the book on lulu.com via Lake Fossil Press. If anyone who is looking to get back into publishing and want to break in the talent with me, shoot me an e-mail at nickolauspacione@aim.com with “Editor Collaboration” in the subject line. I want to make the anthology a hardcover publication echoing the heyday of when Bob Gunner was editing anthologies and ushered the world some of the writers who developed egos. I have the guidelines written out and uploaded to facebook. It had been eight years since I collaborated as an editor, or collaborated as a writer. I want to work with Paul Melniczek on story as a pen name and submit it to a magazine that I pissed off under my own name. I am looking to publish anthologies under nook too but that is hard to do because the formatting is a bit wonky. I want to collaborate as an editor because between all of us we can break out fresh blood in the horror genre.
     Writers inspired by the Matheson family and Lovecraft with elements of Rod Serling. I want to do a mix between Darkened Horizons: Issue 3, Cyber-Pulp Halloween 3 and my first namesake with all fresh never before published writers then feature new short stories by the editors. I know how to scout the writers by going to both fictionpress.com and fanfiction.net — scouting the horror fandoms encouraging them to write original horror then submit the story for consideration for the anthology. I want the editors to have a very good eye for horror and well versed in the bloody pulps era of horror. I am looking for the next Trent Zelazny or Paul W. Finch. Break in a lot of relative unknowns like I did when I first released Tabloid Purposes in 2004.