I was inspired by some of the alumni of The Ethereal Gazette over the years too — when writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell I was showing inspiration from peer Trent Zelazny. I remember when he first submitted for the magazine — one of the most creative writers I had the honor to publish. He and Colin managed to get pages on Wikipedia.org. Someone tried to create a page for me on there but it was vandalized too much and took it down because I was nothing but a self-published author. Doing the magazine I met a lot of peers in the genre, some writers don’t want to acknowledge me as their peer such as raging whore, Mary Sangiovanni, who stifled Tabloid Purposes and its sequels. J.L. Benet was pissed that I don’t allow erotic content so he posted every link to every story just before the book was published. It was noted that I broke in a lot of young writers in the first book but I had a few writers who were my age. In my memoir I mention I could easy been classmates with Mary Sangiovanni or Kealan Patrick Burke. Mary started on the same place I did having her official site on tripod. I published her Blood and Donuts anthology mate and appeared with him on another TOC.
      Mary was pissed off because I gave self-published authors first pickings to be published. I am the first publisher they seek out to be in an anthology because I will by a self-published novel before I will buy anything Mary has published. When these writers in the HWA were bragging about sales, I Was planning to get behind the scenes and learn how to be a publisher, do it the right way. I was protecting the first Tabloid Purposes roster from the dirty politics of the industry. Some of them took what I taught them and submitted to bigger markets. The thing about the roster is they are loyal. They helped me get published in wider markets, and I got a wider reader base too with writing The Typewriter. That was my second sale for horror, my first few were horrormasters.com and the owner of that site became part of Tabloid Purposes II and 3 then part of Quakes And Storms.
      My careers as a publisher and a print published author started at the same time and I learned from some of the best in the business when it came to being a publisher. I would not have published Mary Sangiovanni if she submitted to me because she is too much of a royal bitch and a stuck up mass market snob. I have no room for snobs on this publishing outfit. I encourage writers to be humble and use The Ethereal Gazette as a springboard for their careers as Reality Check was a springboard for me in 2004. There were a lot of people willing to take a ripe steaming shit on Reality Check, fan fiction writer David Nail Wilson was one of the writers who started a pissing contest over it.