This is a post I found that is devoted to Richard Matheson. I was raised around his work on the small screen when I saw reruns of The Twilight Zone. I’ve been compared to him by a journalist in an interview I did back in 2004. My story Ghosts In The Tornado is inspired by A Stir Of Echoes. Richard Matheson is the influence for my toned down works but I when I write as Lloyd Phillip Campbell the inspiration comes from Logan Swanson.

Jonathan Janz

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Of the first thirty-one books I read, thirty of them were by Stephen King.

I’m not exaggerating.

Stephen King got me into reading when I was fourteen, and he changed my life in ways I’ll talk about at a later date. In case you’re wondering, the other book I read was one whose title I can’t remember. It was a Hardy Boys-style novel I struggled through while waiting for my grandpa to pick me up from school.

My freshman year in college I decided to finally read a book by someone other than Stephen King. So, like the slavish King devotee I was, I went to Stephen King’s Danse Macabre for suggestions. One title he talked about in that non-fiction classic was Richard Matheson’s Hell House. That rang a bell for me, because I’d once read somewhere that Richard Matheson was the writer that influenced King the…

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