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My ex-fiancée made fast friends with Brian Keene when he would do his blogs blasting me. She would give him dirt on me and comment about having women e-mail her to see that I never find a girlfriend again. She made her first foray into speculative fiction by lifting my first cyberpunk story for her title. What the hell is she trying to do? I have a feeling skullvines would be quick to pick this up just to piss me off, and I mentioned that she was going to disassociate my title with me there were a few on my facebook profile calling her a fat raging bitch. I am going to make the run to a professional market just to piss her off. She likes to treat my entire roster like shit and shits on every magazine who had the courage to speak up for me on their blog or website. Naked Snake Press stuck their neck out for me in 2006, and that is worthy of earning the lead spot on an anthology you are editing with their submission.
       The fat sow became fast friends with the bitch named K.H. Koehler, and she is a raging cunt who likes to edit my comments to pass me off as an all male romance author looking to submit to their imprint when that shit goes against God. Melany has to realize I appeared along side the best and can hold my own with them. I can hold my own with Brian Keene and Kealan Patrick Burke – the story in Tabloid Purposes IV I was trying Kealan Patrick Burke’s style on for size as an author, doing the quiet horror delivery with a hardcore attitude. I had no blood in that one but had graphic descriptions of vomit. She dissed everyone in Tabloid Purposes IV because I put the anthology together, recently my mentor gave me his seal of approval and the talks are underway to do a editor collaboration bringing him back into doing anthologies but leaving the scouting of writers to me because that is my famous hobby I had since I Was 20. I almost became a magazine publisher at 20 but didn’t have the technology.
      My peers in the industry are the company that guest illustrator A.P Fuchs helms publishing monster and superhero fiction, Donna Burgess’ outfit is the survivor in the small press because she had been a publisher since the 1990s, she was the first publisher I ever published. I appeared along side one of her alumni on New Writers Of The Purple Page. She is a key member of the Lake Fossil Press roster. Donna gave me some legitimacy in the business and so did Ken before he got published with my other mentor, Arkham House. I learned from Arkham House and August Derleth how to be a genre fiction publisher and my niche in the business is anthologies. I became an anthology specialist. I made a name for myself editing Tabloid Purposes and when I did the spin-off putting my name in the title I was showing I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve been a co-editor in the beginning, I learned from Wraith Knox about being a magazine editor. All the assholes Melany now rides the coattails of would gang up on magazines that accept my work or harass members of the roster.
     &nbso;Doing the “Original Horror and Science Fiction for fans, by the fans” I was going to redefine what fan fiction was too being I broke in writers from the fan fiction circuit discovering them on Twilight Zone Fandom. I wrote The Statue in 2004 borrowing Rod Serling’s delivery and I did this delivery two more times with the story I wrote in Tabloid Purposes II and again with The Fandom Writer sequel. The ex used to be my biggest supporter, she decided that I sucked is when we called it quits. That was the first short story I used characters and toned it down. I got a new readership because of The Twilight Zone fandom and got a following of readers with my now defunct diary-x journal. I joined up with their reboot on codexed.com. Melany appears as Melany Deleo in Media Darling as a cross between her and fat bitch cyberbully Sherrod DeGrippo. Having the evil ex-fiancée being buddy buddy with Brian Keene, it is a lot of pressure for me to sell my shorts to bigger markets.