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I had to deal with people lifting my titles and concepts for their shitty fiction posted on a blog, they can’t leave my catalog alone for their abominations that they call short stories. The blogger who had been lifting my works for his shit is found here. The other two assholes lifting my titles are my ex-fiancee and Brian Keene. There are people creating a buzz with Brian Keene lifting Lake Fossil for his fucking bizarro novel and the faggots behind Skullvines Press are looking to publish it. I will organize a public boycott of Skullvines Press because they are a glorified vanity press. The plagiarists need to die of an anally inflicted death sentence trying to disassociate the titles with my catalog. That makes them total scumbags in my book.
      They were lifting my character Nicholas Kane from Spectral Exile and trying to make him into a flaming homosexual. That is something the dickstains behind SomethingAwful.com had done over the years. Lewis Unknown is a shitty blogger and a flaming faggot who likes to steal ideas and titles for his abominations. I told the plagiarist that he is better off giving his transgendered mother a blow job than him getting published for his abominations. He was getting picked up by the fake domain that was created of my magazine by some faggot who was pissed off for getting thrown off Lulu.com for writing stories as my dead grandmother. I deal with some total scumbags in this business. Skullvines Press — the staff are scumbags to other publishers and they have no publishing history outside of their little vanity press.
      One of their staff members queried for the wrong Tabloid Purposes on myspace.com. Tabloid Terrors covers were lifted from the first two Tabloid Purposes. Janrae Frank had an idea of doing an anthology featuring stories of all my lifted titles and rewrites of my stories without my permission. That made me very angry and I wanted the blood of everyone that is involved. They were going to do this with the asshole who said he was taking ownership of my imprint and produced fake covers on deviantart.com and plagiarized works of my titles including the altered versions of GAME OVER with a SomethingAwful Goon’s name in the byline. I wanted to kill them for this one because he is nothing but another David Boyer. They did this with When Angels Wept Blood too, and they were creating a nightmare for me to get actual submissions for publications. As Lloyd I targeted the plagiarist in Horror Target, and S.E. Cox is a troll with the following of other trolls. AngryInIllinois isn’t the owner of Lake Fossil Press — it pisses him off that I call him on the lie about a loan that never existed. The faggot uses lakefossilpress@gmail.com and my magazine’s e-mail address for GLBT submissions. He was trying to turn my company into everyone else. <br.      He even lifted the house pen name to pass him off as a gay model, and fan fiction writer Christine Morgan is on the bandwagon of the faggot doing a hostile takeover of my publishing company. His blood was boiling when I got an oil painting for the second namesake anthology and lit the first one on fire via youtube. The cockgobbler is a nobody who has a following from other trolls.