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I reached 4000 words with the story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell, every gay writer is going to want my head for writing this one — as Lloyd I make fun of faggot vampires. He is the more abrasive version of me when it comes to doing social commentary in horror. He is the in house pen name I created to write stories for The Ethereal Gazette. In Issue 6 the reboot you see Lake Fossil 3 and The Thing At The Truck Stop, a reader who submitted for the magazine started writing horror because of reading Lloyd. Lloyd Phillip Campbell filled the gap that Hertzan Chimera left when he died. There was a troll who lifted the pen name to blurb one of his plagiarized novels and passed him off as a gay model with a fag dressed up as a fucking unicorn. Every gay writer might be happy with AngryInIllinois with his bullying of me and my company by posting bullshit covers and stolen art from gay websites for the cover. He has a sick unicorn fetish.
      Issue 10 saw one of his stories illustrated, and people are calling him the worst horror writer in the business but he is the writer not shy about putting rival authors of mine in his crosshairs. K.H. Koehler was the first writer who was in his crosshairs, and will bring back old death penalties back to kill characters. He is not shy about being graphic with writing about capitol punishment. He inspired me to tackle censorship. I am thinking about writing another story dealing with censorship because I am the subject of censorship in the industry because I sometimes write pro-Conservative slants on Gothic Horror. There are people in the business making the claim I lost Lake Fossil Press due to bad loans, and the asshole who is doing it is using my magazine’s e-mail address and the company e-mail address for faggot submissions.
       S.E. Cox the disgraced publisher and editor of Panic Press became food for the gods when Lloyd Phillip Campbell got his hands on her — his story “Cunt’s Deadline” puts her in her place. Robin Eduardo was put in her place with Horror Target and she brags about getting Jesus Freak dropped from an anthology. I am not sure if publishers will take a story that criticized gay horror they will call it too homophobic but I am going to submit it out to a market as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I was planning to keep the secret that I Wrote as him in the small press for along time until some prick wrote a book called Modern Love as him I had to let the secret out that I am Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I’ve been writing more controversial stories as myself because writing as him.
       When I wrote The Fandom Writer II I took a ripe shit on Bandersnatch Books because of their dirty politics in their willing to shit on traditional horror. I am planning to make bizarro writer Dustin Reade a horror plaything because of his willing to take a shit on my titles on goodreads.com. I plan to make the staff of Skullvines Press a plaything and submit it out to a bigger publisher. They are as much of an asshole as that raging cunt S.E. Cox — I don’t know what was her beef that she was going to do a blog posting saying I stole manuscripts for submissions in the Lake Fossil Press publications. My roster took turns reballing her on her blog, and it pissed me off enough to write the sequel of The Fandom Writer with contributors Alex Rivera and Carol Sullivan making cameos as characters – the character beating the fuck out of S.E. Cox is Carol. I did a girl on girl they live style fight scene where she gets punched repeatedly as she got up. GAME OVER I target Skullvines Press and Mike Brendan where I have Mike Brendan get his ass kicked the tossed into an open grave then gets urinated on.
      I am still planning the story to have washed up novelist and editor Darren McKeema as a plaything in one of my horror stories. Darren’s novel sucked and the cover was generic he couldn’t get Chad Savage to do the design for the cover and even push more copies that way. The reason my first collection got all the shit reviews on Amazon.com lay on the hands of Darren McKeeman telling them to warn the world. I spoke with the another co-editor of Gothic.net one to one in AIM and he said Darren and I are very alike. Darren doesn’t have a publishing history and craps on Lovecraftian Horror. Darren hates Stephen King styled horror writers and traditional horror. Wraith Knox in an interview with me relates her run ins with gothic.net back when she was first starting. Because of his post on his blog I am deemed a public figure on LiveJournal.com, thought I am banned for life from LiveJournal.com since 2008 I got a following from owning the Goth Community — my journal on diary-x gave me a following. Writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell I turned some heads, one person lit Issue 6 on fire via youtube.com. I am the only author in the small press whose books got burned. K.H. Koehler burned one of the books on youtube.com and Scott Colbert did a comment saying, “burn baby burn” that was when I first encountered the troll named AngryInIllinois.
       I’ve been writing as my own name since 1990 but writing as Lloyd since 2007 — I only have a few short stories published as Lloyd in house within the pages of The Ethereal Gazette. When I was picked up by Withersin for their Birth Issue they billed me as N.A. Pacione, a name I haven’t gone by since I was in basic training at Great Lakes. I am looking to get in a placed in a few anthologies as Lloyd Phillip Campbell to expand his resume. I don’t release freebies as him — I release freebies as Nickolaus or UncleFossil. I haven’t written a freebie in a long time but that will change as time goes on. I am thinking about writing a story that is return to FictionPress.com. I haven’t posted there since they stopped letting people indent paragraphs. As Lloyd Phillip Campbell I like using Bollingbrook, Illinois, for the settings of the work and most of his work is set in the southern 815 area. I am looking to do a horror short story that is my love letter to Joliet, Illinois. All of the southland is mentioned in GAME OVER, because I designed the anthologies and the magazine to entertain the Goth community in the southland because there were no nightclubs. Lloyd Phillip Campbell is a writer that people in the industry are going to love to hate because he takes the Conservative slant to the extreme in speculative fiction.
       I was going to hire an actor to be the face of Lloyd when I Was doing his author bio. He wasn’t going to have a website or a blog out there, he was going to be mysterious when I got submissions from him. His girlfriend would hand deliver a disk with his manuscript on it somewhere in Joliet, well that was the story of how I got his manuscripts. I really guised up my style as him, a lot of writers couldn’t guess it was me writing the first story I did — I took a shit on gay propaganda in speculative fiction as him. Lloyd Phillip Campbell is the worst nightmare to writers of gay horror.