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The first short story I wrote in a long time and this is the first pro market I submitted to — let’s hope I don’t make them throw up from the scenes of self-cannibalism. I am looking to write a story exclusively to smashwords.com if I can find a cover artist. The story as Lloyd Campbell is over 3000 words and looking for a market for that one because it is highly controversial. He makes jokes about gay vampires getting fucked in the ass, this one will make fun of the all male romance writers and the all male erotica writers in the business. There are going to be a lot of people wanting his blood for writing this one. I started a new story called “I AM DRUGS” and one called “Fandom Weirdness” — both are entirely different stories, the main character is a slash fanfiction writer who encounters horrors that would echo a Rod Serling plot. I might make that one available to smashwords.com
       I am going to have a fuck of a time placing this one because of the controversial subject matter, one of the characters quips, “that gross gay shit.” Cunt’s Deadline is a swipe at Skullvines Press and the fan fiction writing staff who thinks my entire body of work is fan fiction. “Fandom Weirdness” is a study of the weird world of fandom and fanzines. It’s going to take traits of The Twilight Zone and The Cthulhu Mythos. I am in a zone when it comes to writing short stories but seems like all the markets are closed. I am studying writers who use smashwords so I can see how I can work with them. The challenge for my short stories is that I have to keep one under 3000 words for Morpheus Tales. I might save that story for an anthology I am editing if I can’t get it placed. I am also working on a deviantart.com freebie. I am working on different short stories, thinking of releasing one as unclefossil on writerscafe.org as an exclusive short story too. I have so many unique ideas and planning to write as a pen name to invade a publication. It had been years since I invaded a publication. Brian Keene likes to pass me off as Will and Grace fanfiction writer to make sure that magazines don’t even consider my work for publications. I am looking to do more with the magazine and work with the editor who broke me out as a publisher making me a contender as an imprint.
 &nsbp;    “Fandom Weirdness” is speculative literary fiction with some dark undertones, and when Keene edited my comment he wanted to disrespect the publication credit I gained in the comment he said I wrote Will and Grace fan fiction exclusively. what a prick I read some of his freebies and my material in anthologies is better than that is — the uneducated fuck. He blogs that the entire horror genre shuns me because I don’t agree with the gay angle. The Editor of Lovecraft E-Zine verbally ripped my nuts off via e-mail because I criticized a gay writer doing the Cthulhu Mythos. I am critical of slash writers in Fandom Weirdness, and I bring back the character A.J. Poe this time he has blog speaking out against slash writers. I introduce him as an evangelical well versed in the Bloody Pulps. I am about 800 words into this one. As Lloyd Campbell the story is over 3000 words. “I AM DRUGS” when done will go to Deviantart.com. I might co-write a story for smashwords.com if I can find a talented artist to illustrate it. I am looking to write a few stories for deviantart.com as exclusives to there. WritersCafe.org might be home of one as a sample to point to magazines. I haven’t written of my nightmares lately because I have trouble sleeping.
   &nbsp   I will be adding more to the novel when I see fit. It is going to be along progress to write that one, it is very inspired too as my short stories I am churning out are. As the pen name my subject matter became even more daring, and willing to piss a lot of people off in the process — I will piss off every all male romance writer by introducing an Evangelical speaking out against it in the story. I am starting to get strong feel for writing Christian characters in horror. I learned from reading the diner, but I took an extreme horror take on it. “Cunt’s Deadline” is highly controversial because it criticized homosexuality. I have characters screaming, “Homosexuality is morally wrong.” This is the story that will really piss Brian Keene off because I am vocal with making the crack of faggot vampires and characters saying, “you publish that gross gay shit.” I am looking for a team of four editors for one anthology that will rival the static movement anthologies. I am talking with one editor right now via e-mail who gave me a lot of encouragement with Tabloid Purposes, The Ethereal Gazette and the namesakes. I am going to call the one anthology GOTHIC. I might save the Lloyd Phillip Campbell story for that anthology and one thing I describe that story to be is quite Gothic under the pen name — a traditional horror story that borrows a little bit from the bizarro genre.