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Are by total assholes, they are making claims I write under the pen name of serial plagiarist David Boyer and threaten to lift Lloyd Phillip Campbell to write faggot erotica. If they are going to do this, create a livejournal and bitch about it. Don’t come to my blog to pick a fight because I will rip your nuts off in comments. I don’t edit comments like the cunts Mary Sangiovanni or K.H. Koehler on their blogs or the assholes like Brian Keene or the AIDS magnet Scott Colbert. Trying to pass Lloyd Phillip Campbell as a gay erotica writer pisses me off, I want to kill the person for inquiring it. These anonymous comments are pissing me off, it is as bad as that fetish faggot lifting Nicholas Kane from Spectral Exile and publishing anti-fan fiction on his website. Then saying stealing the character is fair use.
      I’ve seen people mess with my amazon page to pass me off as a gay writer — they don’t want me to have the readerships I am trying to target. Keene is trying to disassociate Lake Fossil with me. I get shit from the F.U.k.U. and they lifted my blog comments for the message board, one of the hacks that gave me the most shit early on was a bitch named Elizabeth Peake. I remember the shit that her and Elizabeth Blue had done. Elizabeth Blue used to be one of my biggest advocates early on but when she found out I called Brian Keene a cunt, she wanted to fuck me over. She wasn’t too happy that I was published on the same publishing company as she was. Elizabeth Blue was friends with the fake profile that was created for Tabloid Purposes IV — they tried to pass the book as a fucking gay romance anthology. I wanted to kill the people who did that, so my guidelines for IV were a bit rushed.
       The anonymous comments trying to say Lloyd Phillip Campbell is a gay erotica write is pissing me off. I didn’t design him to be like that and K.H. Koehler is passing me off as gay propaganda writer. Perhaps she would approach Kody Boye for her imprint. Brian Keene wanted to see my career end before it began as well as Ray Garton. Both assholes say I have negative talent in the genre, but I am getting a following because of being in different anthologies — though there is a backlash for me being included in them. I got mislabeled an erotica writer when a reader of Dark Gothic Resurrected reviewed the magazine on lulu.com, I had to correct him sternly because I Was the only traditional horror writer featured in the pages of that magazine.<br.      The bullying doesn't end with me but the publishers who run me get bullied too — the industry wants to run me out of the business because I don't agree with gays and open about being a Christian. I've been open about being a Conservative since 2002 when I opened up about it on the Goth Community on LiveJournal. I wasn't writing with Conservative overtones yet in my work — it first showed up in my science fiction. I pissed the gay community off by destroying San Fran in The Storms of Armageddon and leave it for dead in Cyber:Terror:Machine. Those two stories are my two examples of writing cyberpunk.
      Koehler took a ripe shit on me on her blog. She lied about me submitting to The Blackest Death and saying fan fiction writers write better than me, that is coming from a bitch whose entire publishing history was in fan fiction before she became published. She insulted my publishers and the magazines who published me, I am beginning to think she harassed some of the magazines who published me over the years. I read a sample of Slayers when it was self published. The bitch still self-publishes though she denies it up an down. She denounced two of the Blackest Death authors for being part of Tabloid Purposes IV, and they did better work for me. She vowed to derail my publications as an author and as a publisher — I put out better work and the writers are more talented. The only writer who I would check out published by them but not under their publishing house praised my nonfiction works.
   A lot of publishers get a lot of heat for running me, but they are willing to go on the limb to speak up for me. I have a lot of respect for publishers who go out on the limb and would submit to them again as a solo writer. I will never write erotica either as myself or as Lloyd. The assholes who are doing the anonymous comments, please start a blog if you are going to come here using the comments as your public toilet.