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The editor that targeted me and bullied me over the years is Darren McKeeman and his cronies on Gothic.net. They ganged up on me because of my hardline views — they hate Conservatives with a passion, and I got more Republicans come out for The 10th Issue of the magazine. When I got more Republicans that made me excited because I felt for the long time I Was the only one in the business. Having the Ultra-Conservative stance in the business made me a target from all angles in the industry. Many wanted me out of the business because they accuse me of being homophobic and bigoted. They got angry because I have a scene in the novel where a copy of Oscar Wilde’s novel get’s pissed on. Gothic.net was the source of all the bullying that I get in the business, but I get bullied by Brian Keene and Dubbyk Press. I proved that the cronies of Gothic.net are fucking hypocrites when it comes to self-publishing because they turned around and self-published their titles. They took a ripe shit on writers who self-release their books and try to say they suck for self-publishing their work.
     I wanted something in the business that not many writers have — full creative control over a publication. I pushed the limits of the design layouts for the anthologies where they rival the mass market counterparts. Mary Sangiovanni is what they call a mass market snob. She won’t give self-published authors the time of day. I was introduced to the good stuff when I was reading self-published horror novels because they were more extreme and much more graphic. Darren Mckeeman told his cronies to warn the world when it came to Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. I got angry so I found the nicest picture Darren had out there, I printed the motherfucker out and tossed it in the toilet then I had to take a piss. I uploaded the aftermath of that one. Darren wasn’t too pleased when he learned his photograph was used as a piss target.
     I couldn’t finish his shitty novel when I bought the e-book of it. He has no publishing history and his cronies were nothing but bullies. His co-editor and I talked off the record and I earned his respect. I wouldn’t mind working with Seth Lindberg on an anthology as an editor. Darren was pissed off that I did Tabloid Purposes and said the writers in Tabloid Purposes were more talented than anyone he put out on gothic.net. I was tossed from Gothic.net for telling off Darren and speaking out against gay horror, they wanted my blood for criticizing the LGBT version of the horror community. That was their first encounter with someone who was hardline. Darren when I first got published wanted my blood, I made him into a plaything when I wrote The Fandom Writer II.
     About the time I got thrown off gothic.net I was discovered by Temple of Dagon and The House of Pain. Gothic.net and The House of Pain had a rivalry before I joined the ranks — that rivalry came ahead when I was the co-editor of the e-zine. Wraith saw my talent as an author and helped get me a following in the business. I was willing to compare notes with another publisher of anthologies and he took me under his wing when his writers getting egos. I started to get writers who had that problem when I edited Tabloid Purposes IV when I had the faggot Eric Enck biting the hand that fed him — Eric went into being a publisher and failed as a company because he didn’t last. He was too much of an asshole to other publishers, I became good friends with his current publisher and compared notes. His publisher was my age and was jogging around an anthology idea for his company. I was offering to give him his first anthology vehicle. At the time Gothic.net bullied the roster of Tabloid Purposes, I was a fledgling publisher and when I did Tabloid Purposes II I got bigger names in the book — one of them writes crime fiction now and some of the writers on board were wondering when I was going to do a magazine. I had an overflow of submissions from Tabloid Purposes II and had a very gifted line up for Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology.
   &nsbsp;  The author that was the most pissed off that I did Tabloid Purposes was a porn writing hack by the name of J.L. Benet. He and I went at it for a good part of a year, I wanted his teaching career for what he did to Tabloid Purposes and the future line ups call him an asshole over it. He was angry that I didn’t allow erotic content in Tabloid Purposes. I had a trained eye for it because of my time with The House of Pain. I had a Gothic.net refugee submit to The Ethereal Gazette, but he decided he was going to get an ego and badmouth me. I was supposed to edit his book for publication but he paid a grand to publish it. He railed off on me via his blog when I criticized Mary Sangiovanni. Mary and I used to moderate a message board together along with Louise Bohmer and Elizabeth Peake called The Carnival of Wicked Writers. The admin of the board got threats fro making me a moderator the first day. Mary wrote on another message board saying of Tabloid Purposes, “This is what not to do when doing submission guidelines.” That came a head and started a feud with her. Elizabeth Peake I call miss temper tantrum because she raised a huge stink I was published on Mockfear.com.
       Mary made it her personal crusade to stifle Tabloid Purposes and make sure it doesn’t get a readership. She blasted lulu.com and the writers in Tabloid Purposes for being in Tabloid Purposes. That was when I e-mailed her saying her manuscript would be in the round file if she submitted to me for an anthology. She was the second writer I blacklisted from publication. There were three writers who contributed to Tabloid Purposes who tried to start a mutiny, Kyle Kucek bragged about getting a pirated copy of Tabloid Purposes II on another site. I screamed at him for getting a pirated book, gothic.net pirated the e-book of II and did a lot of things to stifle this book from getting a readership. Darren McKeeman was the editor from hell and I am part of the reason he is out of the business.