This dickhead insulted every publishing credit I earned in this industry. He has only one published author credit and used to edit Flashing Dicks magazine, then the next dickhead insults my publishing career on his blog. It had been ten years since that feud first started. I went at it with him on a site which ganged up on me because of my hatred for Poppy Z. Brite. Ben E. Carlos as I call him would insult my readers too for enjoying my work. He went to school with one of my step-cousins. That is the first asshole that I had to deal with that was local, he bragged about pirating my memoir when I posted samples of his blog expressing he wanted an advanced copy of the memoir. I basically let him have it in the pages of the book because he was one of the dickheads who gave met the most shit.
      Mike Brendan insulted my magazine and the writers who were featured in it, and would discredit my publications because I would self release them on Lulu.com. I am currently looking for a couple co-editors to bring a few anthologies to life on createspace.com. I am going to get the submissions by going around horror newsgroups with the pdf files of the guidelines and facebook groups. I will let the other editors announce the guidelines on their blogs and I will be the executive editor of the anthology and will write the introduction. The thing with the gossip bloggers is they are quick to fuck you over with getting submissions. Panic Press lifted their one anthology from a submission call I did on facebook.com for Quakes and Storms 2. THe artwork for that abomination looks like it was just jacked off on and slapped together. The book is small and rushed.