E-mail me if you are serious about collaborating, not if you are one of angryinilllinois’ trolls with a shit cover stolen from one of my short stories. Put “editor collaboration inquiry” in the subject line and I will toss the concept I want to do. I do not want to work with assholes who are claimed to be on the roster that AngryInillinois took a shit and called it a title. I don’t put out fake covers and fake names. I don’t play any games in the industry, and if you are a fledgling editor looking to expand your resume. I will help break you out there as an editor, but the anthology will be listed as me being the executive editor.
      Comment with your AIM screen name and I will talk to you in real time. The plagiarist behind my short story Curse of an Anthology e-mailed me offering to collaborate, fuck her. I am going to expose her for being a plagiarist. The first story I will upload to Smashwords is Curse of an Anthology. All I need is an illustrator who can do a pen and ink method to the drawing to bring the story to life. I am looking to write stories exclusively to Smashwords.com as well as produce some freebies on fictionpress.com, fanfiction.net, deviantart.com and Writerscafe.org.