I remember when he submitted for Tabloid Purposes IV but when I glanced over his entry in Dark Gothic Resurrected I was glad I didn’t include him in the pages of Tabloid Purposes IV. I tried to share my faith with him on one of his blogs when he came out as a fag. He writes gay propaganda novels that he self-published with createspace.com. He grew to not stand me in the business and called me homophobic. When I saw his story in Dark Gothic Resurrected I am glad he didn’t fag up Tabloid Purposes. He was part of the rival publishing company Bandersnatch Books which was fronted by all around cocksucking dickhead Scott Colbert. He worked with another writer on a young adult novel which is getting a cult following. I was originally supposed to appear in one of his first anthologies as an editor back in 2007. Tabloid Purposes IV was originally his second anthology appearance but his story in the magazine I appeared with him in basically broke the no gay content rule of Lake Fossil Press.
      He’s got an audience but he is not going to reach a wider fanbase writing gay propaganda novels. He established himself in the gay community as a writer, and I am critical of these writers because they shove the gay agenda down people’s throats. Because of his subject matter he will have a hard time getting published in bigger places, he passed up appearing with veterans when he learned I was the editor who urinated on Darren McKeeman’s photograph. Appearing with Kody in a magazine showed me that I would not run his work because it goes against my beliefs. I am surprised QueerHorror.com hasn’t covered him, he is just another Poppy Z. Brite clone. I look at him like I look at Kyle Kucek — a spoiled brat.