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I am making progress on the story as Lloyd and it is about 4000 words, the story under my own name is a weird literary fiction work. The story is far different than what I’ve done in the past, it plays off emotional horror but it will have a Rod Serling vibe going for it. Alex Rivera got a first look at the story I am doing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell and it will be a hard to place story as Brian Keene lifted my pen name for a goddamn character in a proposed lifted novel from one of my beloved science fiction short stories. The very one that broke me out as a science fiction writer. I am planning to write some more sdi-fi horror for smashwords.com. My novel I am working on is a Gothic Literary work that explores the sub-genre of dark romanticism meets weird menace.
       As Lloyd Phillip Campbell this story is the most twisted I’ve written as him. The whole gay writing community is going to want me drawn and quartered for writing this one, but it is downright creepy with the atmospherics. Very much like my own work The Fandom Writer II and GAME OVER. It has traits of Frank E. Peretti going for it too, having some Evangelical Christian characters in there and it is set in the small press. My novel also is set in the publishing industry, that is a trait of my latter work being based on what I learned as being a small press publisher as long as I have.
      I am pitching an idea for an anthology to a few of my past publishers to give them a Nickolaus Pacione edited vehicle. I am waiting for them to reply about it, being I want to break out into the industry outside of publishing with my own imprint. Lake Fossil Press is now almost a decade of being a publisher. I proved myself in the business by now and been a contender in the small press. I am the small press some other publishers and mass market pricks like to kick around without reading my work. Bizarro author, Dustin Reade decided he was going to be a total prick and one star all my books without reading them on goodreads.com — he was published the same way I was with my first novel so he is throwing stones at glass houses.
        “Cunt’s Deadline” is the best story I’ve done as Lloyd. It is the creepiest and the most bizarre — he has scenes that would be something a bizarro writer would imagine if they were taking hard drugs to write their disturbing visions.
       “Fandom Weirdness” is a little different — it is dark and references the works of Lovecraft but it is set in the world of real person fiction writers and fanzines. I was inspired by this when I was reading samples of Shanterquest being he was published writing real person bizarro fiction, I am making slow progress on this one. It is the first time I am writing more than one short story in a long time, Gruesome Cargo II was the first story I wrote since my grandfather died. So it feels good to be writing again and being prolific. I am planning to write some novelettes for smashwords.com and find an illustrator who can really draw to bring them to life. My blog I have here is linked to my smashwords profile. Lake Fossil Press will not be on smashwords.com. I am planning some more anthologies and looking to produce them on both lulu.com and createspace.com. I want to do a hardcover exclusive anthology being it’s been since 2006 since I produced a hardcover.
      I am thinking of writing a story and sending it to BizarroCentral.com but the thing is they might think it is too traditional horror and not weird enough. I am thinking of submitting a story to a market that published Mary Sangiovanni just so I can shut the cunt up. I want to submit to Kealan Patrick Burke’s magazine but can’t seem to find the submission guidelines to submit. The thing with some horror markets is it is hard to get placed with intense graphic violence in stories. House of Spiders 3 was the most graphic horror story I co-wrote. GAME OVER was even more graphic with the violence and has references to people taking a shit in an open casket and pissing on someone in an open grave. It is designed to piss people off, and as Lloyd Phillip Campbell — writing Cunt’s Deadline is the most controversial story he’s done. “Fandom Weirdness” is mildly controversial but it has the dark surreal undertones of The Fandom Writer or the sequel. I am taking a swipe at a fan fiction writer who was trying to fuck me over on getting submissions. I am looking to write another story which is a dark take on spiritual warfare, like I did when I wrote When Angels Wept Blood.
      I am not sure what I am going to explore for subject matter under “UncleFossil” at writerscafe.org, but I have some ideas. Deviantart.com is home for my more transgressive works and articles I’ve done. Lloyd Phillip Campbell is about to unleash his most intense horror story to date. I am looking for a magazine to submit it too or an anthology but seems like every market is closed right now. It would been the perfect story to send to the guys at Shocktotem to have a professional sale under the house pen name. I am looking to shop this story around and plan to get that fucking “book” that is on smashwords.com written as a fag who lifted Lloyd Campbell as a gay poet and published a shitty poetry book lifting titles of my work for the goddamn poems. I will not let an asshole kidnap a pen name and try to make him something he is not, he kidnapped my other pen name Jason Trotter then have them both gay “married” — gross.
      People who hijack a house pen name and pass them off as a flaming homosexual are scumbags. When the fake Lloyd Campbell showed up on wordpress, my head nearly exploded. I had to reveal then I was writing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I was hoping to break into markets that blacklisted me under my own name and invade their markets as Lloyd as I did when I invaded Clive Barker’s website in 2000.