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The story that caused the most shockwaves when I wrote it is The Fandom Writer. I submitted this to ChiZine back in 2004 for a contest but the editor decided was going to be a genital wart and blacklist me from submitting. That was my first encounter with the Queer Fear editor. I guess The Fandom Writer pissed him off when I wrote it. My Lloyd Phillip Campbell stuff is just as controversial. “Cunt’s Deadline” is his version of The Fandom Writer. I am writing a story right now which I use the Fandom Writer character A.J. Poe and Nicholas Kane from Spectral Exile. That story is set in the world of real person fiction writers and fanzines. I was exposed to fan fiction writers in 2004 when the slash fan fiction writers gave my diary-x journal a lot of shit on LiveJournal calling what I did Edgar Allan Poe fandom when I write original material. I got a fan base from playing with unique ideas and posting stories on fan fiction.net — I introduced The Statue for the first time there borrowing Rod Serling’s delivery. It is the story that caused a debate with original and fan fiction writers because it had traits of both.
      The Statue gave me a following with writers of Twilight Zone fan fiction. The Fandom Writer was a fuck you to the slash writing fandom because it was shoved down my throat on the Goth Community when they would bastardize characters written by Christians. I did a Sherlock Holmes story originally because it was in the public domain, someone there told me that I am much better at original material. Original fiction is my main territory as fanhistory.com stated when they had a page about me. They did their research with my publishing career and my hobbies of scouting sites like fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com. I would encourage horror fandoms to write original horror fiction. I discovered Tabloid Purposes: Book Five contributor on fanfiction.net when he was writing fandoms for the Outer Limits — he wrote a story in the 12th Issue inspired by my docuhorror delivery.
      The Fandom Writer had two rewrites before I finally placed it in Dirty Black Winter, it was the second story I wrote to be placed on The House Of Pain. I showed the story to Andrea first when it was finished. She said, “Don’t get yourself in trouble.” She was a regular poster on the Goth community when she was starting out along with Cherie Priest when she first published Four and Twenty Blackbirds. She got published just as I was getting a following on the livejournal community. The original owner picked me because I actually had written content in the community posts talking about my freebies on diary-x.com. J.M. Heluk read my freebies on ThoughtCafe.co.uk, this was before she got picked up by Mike Philbin. The Fandom Writer was a first for me using Evangelical Christian characters and it was highly creative. It was a bitch to place because of the controversial nature of it so I released it second on FictionPress.com with the changed character. The original character was Jane Rae Brite which was a swipe at Poppy Z. Bite.
      I was pissed off when I wrote it and I had Casey Gordon cracking up as I was posting parts of it on AIM — of all the stories I’ve written The Fandom Writer is the funniest one. The more the people flamed on the story they are adding to the stories sting, the sequel borrows from my delivery when I wrote The Statue in the same year. I had to be good and inspired to write The Fandom Writer II and introduced a host of new characters in this one — I was swiping at Bandersnatch Books and darren McKeeman in there. It is set in the horror cyberculture and the publishing industry. It is a bit weirder and darker, I revisit my Gothic breakout story Library Of Bones. The Fandom Writer spread like wildfire when I joined the HWA in 2004 but was thrown out two years later for telling off Angeline Hawkes for not getting her way. A lot of the gay writers were asking for my head for writing The Fandom Writer. It is one of my most talked about stories because it deals with plagiarism, slash fandom and retribution.