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I am thinking about submitting the Lloyd Phillip Campbell penned short story here but I don’t know if they take graphic content and politically incorrect subject matter. “Cunt’s Deadline” is for Lloyd as The Fandom Writer was for me. I am working on a short story called “Fandom Weirdness” which I am thinking of submitting to another publication. All the professional and semiprofessional markets are closed. I am planning to write up some freebies for UncleFossil on WritersCafe.org and nickolaus on deviantart.com. I am thinking of getting an anthology going for the writers of deviantart.com, but the thing with them is they might not be able to take the no sex rule. I came up with that rule from the days when I was publishing an e-zine. That is where I met T. Casey and Barry who eventually became part of the roster on the anthologies. I am not sure if the magazine will take a title that has the c-word in it, but I am going to take a chance with this one. It is a magazine outside the horror markets and would be a perfect vehicle for the in house pen name to get noticed.
      “Fandom Weirdness” is a little different being it is a dark literary fiction. I plan to write some horror stories for UncleFossil and scout writers to do GOTHIC — one of the anthologies I am planning to do as Writings From The Grave.com. I am planning more 4theluv anthologies. I am pitching the anthology idea to other editors to collaborate on them. I am looking for a .pdf blender so I can merge pdf files to publish on Createspace.com. If I have an additional editor, we can make the thing something that stands out and something to help me expand my editing resume and bring in a new roster of writers who don’t have the egos in the business. Bob Gunner told me the horror stories that the contributors caused on his anthologies and I had a few of them myself when I published Jane Timm Baxter and Eric Enck slated to appear in the original incarnation of Tabloid Purposes IV. Enck fucked me over and took it out on my books on goodreads.com celebrating the cunt who tried to stifle them. I am thinking about doing this anthology vehicle with one of his former publishers. I want to do something that would call to mind doing Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology years earlier. It had been two years since I did the second namesake and I am itching to do another one with fresh blood.
       WritersCafe.org I discovered Relief Journal and Coach’s Midnight Diner. I was tempted to submit to Relief but my subject matter might be too dark for them to publish. I am darker than Kevin Lucia and weirder. I am too normal for BizarroCentral.com, a few years back they called me a publisher to be worried about on a message board post because I was looking for bizarro stories that are PG rated set in the here and now. There were a lot of naysayers taking a shit on Damnation Observes but I am wondering what people thought of that story because it was my first short story I wrote after writing An Eye In Shadows. I am still looking for someone in the industry to give it a review that will give the book its proper due.
      The writers on The Ethereal Gazette are fans of Lloyd Phillip Campbell but the industry take a shit on him because of his Conservative views in his work. The new story as me is going to be submitted somewhere that I can hold my own with some of the more established writers in the business. When I appeared in Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 in 2007 — I submitted the story as a complete afterthought. I was introduced to the wordweavers circle of writers, but the thing was when I appeared in that anthology I was the only writer who came from the E-Zine The House of Pain. The House of Pain is responsible for breaking out a lot of the writers in the small press — I worked with a few of them at some point or appeared with them on anthologies over the years.