He has a reputation of picking fights with small press publishers in the business because they choose to release their own horror books themselves. I read his recent blog entires — the white trash scumbag is lifting my first science fiction story for his sick amusement and he wants to rape Sprectal Exile. It is bad enough that the faggots from SomethingAwful.com violated the characters for their amusement then pirated my memoir. He often insults one of my contributors for ushering me into being a published author. I am thinking about writing a novel swiping at him and submitting it to one of his publishers to blackball the cyber-bullying bastard.
       You want to know my story with Brian Keene, please by all means read An Eye In Shadows because that documents his bullying of me on message boards. He claims I harassed him for ten years. The infant raper fucked with my social life on his blog and edits my comments to make me look like a goddamned faggot fan fiction writer. He is still pissed that I was carried on Shocklines in 2006. My publication credit in Withersin: Birth Issue is the thing that shuts him up because I get published more for nonfiction than I do with fiction, but the same magazine will ask to read my own horror fiction.
      Misty noted that I also have the bad boy behavior but Alex Rivera stated I take it to another level. I am the bad boy of the publishing world, willing to urinate on an editor’s photograph ending his editing career. Exposing them as hypocrites when it comes to self-publishing because they took a ripe shit on my avenue to get my first book published. I still self-release titles because I want what other publishers don’t give you and that is full creative control. I wanted a place where I can also showcase my talents as a photographer. When it comes to Brian Keene I have this to say to him, “Go rape your mother.”
       I think I will have some fun with him as a character in a story going in the Twilight Zone fan fiction listing, just so people can realize how much a major asshole he is. In an e-mail he was going to lift my characters and catalog for stories, and what makes me sick that people are cheering the prick on. He stated he was going to call a publishing company Lake Fossil Press, get your motherfucking shit covered hands off my company.