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Every Publisher’s Nightmare

I reveal the nightmare I had to face in 2010 in detail about S.E. Cox and the Dark Fiction Spotlight. The has-been bitch nearly forced me out of the business. I couldn’t find contributors for anthologies or for Issue 14 of the magazine. I was forced to put everything on hold because of her, and when she called it quits I came back and did the sequel to the namesake. I am going to upload the guidelines for one of the anthologies to AuthorsDen.com and link them to the blog. What she did motivated me and really pissed me off enough to blow the dust off The Fandom Writer and give it an even more controversial sequel. I e-mailed her offering her a second chance to get a legit publishing history and send her the guidelines for the anthology I am doing that is just for fun. I remember on an incarnation of The Author’s Pub she was going to lift Insect for one of her stories.
      The games she was willing to play pitting contributors of my magazine and anthologies against me, it got me really pissed off because I didn’t want rival publisher drama. I had enough of it with Skullvines Press when I am posting on Shocklines. I made her a play thing in the new short story, Fandom Weirness. It is rated for mature audiences so if you are going to read it please join deviantart.com. Every Publisher’s Nightmare is the first longer freebie to be posted in awhile. I share one of my horror stories as a publisher. If you are a publisher reading this, and have your own horror stories you are welcomed to share them in your comments. Disgruntled writers trying to organize a walk out presenting ultimatums about an author on the roster or magazines pressured to drop a writer because of bullies on a message board.
      Your personal twilight zone dealing with disgruntled contributors trying to railroad your publications because of the inclusion of a writer because they have views that are controversial. Cox forced my hand in 2011 when I was trying to sell GAME OVER — her trying to pirate the project made me publish it with PublishAmerica.com. Lewis Unknown pirated sections of the book on goodreads.com and he gets off by lifting my titles and concepts for his abominations.