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Fandom Weirdness

I joined deviantart.com in 2002 and sometimes would post a short story or an article, but its mainly home for my illustrations. This story I was thinking about submitting to Morpheus Tales but when I really got to writing it it became too long for consideration. It came from being critical of Pugmire on Lovecraft E-Zine and shows the controversy of my alter ego A.J. Poe. You are welcomed to pass the link around to your blogs and to e-mail lists but you are not welcomed to post passages of the story on your blog. This one like The Fandom Writer and The Fandom Writer II will turn some heads. It reflects my life in 2003 when I got into some public fights on Gothic Classifieds when the owner called me a goddamn “art-fag.” The magazine editor character was based on two friends in the business.
      The story is a nod to the horror fandom and writers who write both original and fan fiction takes on horror. I published a lot of writers who emerged from fanfiction.net over the years. This one has characters who use tobacco and set in a diner similar to the one in GAME OVER and features Lilith Skeezix who was introduced in GAME OVER. This one deals with persecution of Christian authors because they are vocal against some topics in the industry. I took a lot from my life as a publisher to write this one.
      The story I wrote as Lloyd Phillip Campbell will be included in my testimony book called Confessional. Confessional is now 70 pages and I am very candid in there. It is dark and very gritty. I didn’t hold anything back in this, and it still a work in progress. I will include some more controversial manuscripts I am writing featuring Ex-Gay characters and the nightmare they face from the lifestyle they left behind. This one is critical of all male romance and gay horror — it goes into the exploits of A.J. Poe as he becomes a small press publisher and publishes the submission of an Ex-Gay. It is a swipe at what Brian Keene did to me on his fucking blog trying to say I was a homosexual fan fiction writer in the Will & Grace fandom. I am going to hammer into him here for trying to rape my social life and making friends with my ex-fiacnee. I started a story as N.P. Pacione about my time at St. Joe’s and talks about the nightmare Joseph Locke tried to pull on facebook where it nearly had me wanting to get into a fist fight with him.