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My following in Chicago is the metal scene. They started to check my work out after hosting the show I did with Neutral Red in 2008. I was a fixture in both the Goth and Metal scenes since 1996. I used to go to industrial shows at The Metro when I was 19 years old, I sometimes wrote with Dark Alternative characters. The stories that really had these characters are Spectral Exile, Ghosts In The Tornado, Lake Fossil 3, Flying Cigars, and GAME OVER. I was checking out a collection by a publisher called Creeping Death, the guy has some serious chops in horror. I wish I was able to submit to his publishing company but the roster had too much drama and would had pressured him to drop me.
      The metalheads at Gothicfest 2005 were wanting to take their picture with me because they were amazed that one of their own is a publisher. My contributors over the years expressed their love for heavy metal music, but one who submitted liked Lady CaCa. He was out of place being all of us were beer and hard whiskey drinkers, dressed in black and listed to underground heavy metal. I was listening to a friend’s heavy metal band when I was writing When Angels Wept Blood. One of my friends, Mykil of Withering Soul gave me my nickname in the metal scene “The Heavy Metal Author” — I live up to this nickname in Tabloid Purposes IV, GAME OVER, When Angels Wept Blood and The Midnight Diner. The latter story I have the main character listening to the underground metal classic, Trouble’s Psalm 9.
      I write my reviews of these CDs on Vampirefreaks.com and sometimes give the back story of the band if I really know them. Neutral Red and I go back to 1998 when I was first living in Iowa. When I returned to Illinois, I made a long standing promise to them that I made true on in 2008. When I got published I would get them a show in Chicago. That show they played was the first time I stepped into the ring as a heavy metal promoter — it is a part time thing for me and will host a show if I am not too busy as a writer.