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I’ve submitted Gruesome Cargo II to Pantheon Magazine via submittable.com. Let’s see if they can handle the self-cannibalism in that story. That one is going to be a bitch to place, and I am working on the testimony book right now — it is about 26,000 words. I am going to approach Rexorcist to illustrate Confessional. I am going to release the book myself through lulu.com and writing some bonus stories for the book. This book is highly controversial being critical of gay writers and going into detail being dragged to Boystown in 1996. My first time seeing gay people was when I was 16 years old. Then my mother and I had a conversation about gays when we were watching Ricki Lake in 1992 when they had a flaming faggot on the show. My views on gays go back as far as 16 years old.
      “I would rather kill myself than live as a faggot,” I said at 16.
     In the 1990s and in high school faggot was thrown around all the time. I am working on my second novel and trying to come up with a story that I would write in the character of A.J. Poe. The son character was reading one of his stories on an E-zine. I am on the second chapter of that book. The story as A.J. Poe is going to be dark and controversial too. I am going to see if I can publish it with booklocker.com, but the thing is trying to find an artist for a novel because I can’t paint worth a fuck. I am working on a story as N.A. Pacione which is a dark autobiographical sketch about being in the mental health wing at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Joliet back in 2008. for the firs time I am working on more than one manuscript. But the thing is trying to find magazines that would accept highly controversial material. I am writing stories featuring Ex-Gays and persecution of Born Again Christians in the small press.
      I would be way too controversial for some publishers — I would be too controversial for Naked Snake Press. I am getting braver with the subject matter — one of my readers on twitter said, “A true horror writer will write about self-cannibalism.” I got turned down from Nightmare Magazine for this one, perhaps it was too much for them. It is the first time I wrote a story as twisted as some of Nicholas Tillemans’ catalog and just as surreal because I make reference to Marquis De Sade and perversion. It is my darkest and most frightening story I’ve written in short stories. I am planning to write a work of fiction as UncleFossil which is horror. The one as N.A. Pacione is title The Ward. I am looking to release the highly controversial material on smashwords.com. Some of the characters are based on the gothic.net assholes.