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You would have to sign up at deviantart.com because it is rated mature content — harsh language and ideologically sensitive material. It is dark with the overtones of Christian persecution in the small press. I was checking out other horror stories that are posted on the site to see where I can get the new blood for some planned anthologies I am editing. WritersCafe.org is harder to get writers because it is all teen angst than actual imaginations. I invited John Paul Allen to Deviantart.com to check out Fandom Weirdness. The characters reference A Nightmare On Elm Street and Twilight Zone fandom. I give the writers of those fandoms a lot of credit for capturing the scare from borrowed characters. I watch those fandoms closely because I may never know I could be publishing someone from there.
      When I had a blog on greatestjournal.com, I was linking stories from different horror fandoms as well as original stories on fictionpress.com I came across and found interesting. I had the Nightmare On Elm Street Fandom in mind when I wrote The Fandom Writer II and Wandering In Darkness because they have traits of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. I sometimes find them in the Stephen King fandom or other horror fandoms. I was haunting the site since 2004 to give my original works more exposure, one reader of mine came from this site and noticed me as I was published with The House of Pain. I was exploring the dark world of fandom when I wrote The Fandom Writer, it’s sequel and Fandom Weirdness. Fandom Weirness was rooted in my life dealing with openly gay writers wanting to have me blacklisted from the industry and no longer have opportunities to be published in bigger markets.
      It came out of my criticism of W.H. Pugmire while being open about my faith.I was going to ask, “How the hell can you be openly gay and believe in God?” The editor let me have it because he didn’t like someone preaching in a post. One of my anthology alumni pointed out a video of him to me and in my mind I said, “Who is this Boy George look-a-like? He’s a fucking weirdo.” Well I was researching how he emerged to the scene, the fanzine movement so I decided to set Fandom Weirdness in the real person fandom namely the horror take on the fandom. I encourage the editor of Lovecraft E-Zine to come over to deviantart.com to see my recent horror offering. It has references to H.P. Lovecraft and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (this is my earliest influence.)