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Where did Cox get her original information about me? Well there a back story with the information, she got it from a wiki that these bastards would run. Fandom Wank were a group I zeroed in on when I wrote my memoir in 2007 where I made an example out of Brucha Myers a fan fiction writer of comic book fandom. None of them can come up with an original short story for the life of them. They tried to find fan fiction fandom in my original works, They picked up my diary-x journal and when I got accepted for Naked Snake Press in 2006 they created the fucking page about me. They were up there with Encyclopedia Dramatica. One of the gothic.net cronies created the page about me after my swipes at his favorite writer and urinating on Darren McKeeman’s photograph.
       Them and the jagoffs at Stupid Free made my life a living hell, DJ Pathogen was the cause of the headaches locally. I had some fun with him with Media Darling. Fandom Wank violated my copyrights by lifting paragraphs from INSECT and The Fandom Writer. The two most picked on stories of my catalog. Encyclopedia Dramatica came up with the insult name for my magazine which pisses me off the worst — they called the magazine The Ethereal Gayzette. Some asshole queried calling the magazine that and I really went off on him. His feelings where so hurt that he came up with the domain lakefossilpress.com. Fandom Weirdness explored their world in dark detail, when I wrote the memoir I was really punishing them picking apart their psychology and they called the book a hate filled diatribe.
       The plagiarist behind the stories on blogspot took a ripe shit on my novel but praised the shitty Barbed Wire Kisses, Scott Colbert hates classic horror he was a publisher of alternative horror but his company went to shit in less than a year. They bragged about publishing T.M. Wright. T.M. Wright is an asshole to the small press. I remember when he picked a fight with me on my message board on AuthorsDen.com, I was just starting to get some sales for my short fiction. Colbert and Cox would be right at home on the community journal full of faceless bastards who sit in a circle jerk picking on fandom writers.