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those of you thought I lied about being in Withersin back in 2007.   I was telling the truth.

Hey fuckfaces, those of you thought I lied about being in Withersin back in 2007. I was telling the truth.

This is the first time I am reading this on Hellnotes, they were mentioning my breakout nonfiction story Apt #2W in the Birth Issue of Withersin. I remember when Misty was just planning the magazine in 2006 and was feeling around what she wanted for submissions. I asked her if she took true stories for the magazine over the phone. I was living at the apartment at the time and was fresh from being published with Naked Snake Press and RAGE MACHINE MAGAZINE. Misty and G.W. Thomas are the only editors I spoke to on the phone about my submissions. G.W. Thomas rejected In The Reflection Of A Lens for a Cthulhu Western anthology he was planning but he said it would been perfect for RAGE MACHINE MAGAZINE. He took the story right from FictionPress.com — for the longest time the story was an exclusive to FictionPress.com.
      I now have both versions of APT #2W in three things I published. Withersin is the reason I am known as a nonfiction writer of dark creative nonfiction. Magazines I submit to often published my nonfiction first then they go for my fiction. I wanted to submit my fiction to Misty but I never managed to hit their world limit, I always went 1000 words over. That is the same problem I have about wanting to submit to Morpheus Tales — I sent the 2100 word version of APT. #2W to Misty, she liked it and asked me if I can expand it. I expanded it to 2600 words from a local community college computer and sent it back. I heard nothing back for a year, so I was left in limbo. So I did More Frightening Than Fiction and included the short version of the nonfiction story. APT. #2W is a nonfiction story that has the vibe of my supernatural horror stories it was the first nonfiction story that had the dark Gothic horror voice. The Pattern Of Diagnosis was the second to have this — the second one is a fan favorite.
       They not only published me in the issue, but in following issues they featured alumni from my magazine. It was January some time after New Years in 2008 I found the Birth Issue at Barbara’s Book Store in Oak Park, Illinois. I was showing people left and right the story as it appears as my name I used in the Navy — N.A. Pacione. I haven’t went by that name since 1994. It was printed in the papyrus font with spaces in the paragraphs. When Misty made the issue available on the web as a pdf it was hard to read because of the print fonts didn’t work well with the pdf. It was a few years since the issue was published so the rights were reverted back to me, I thought I would reissue the story — expanding it one more time to mention the previous hauntings I investigated at South Barrington and Bachelor’s Grove.
     Misty saw something in me — I showed her Blood Contender when it was just finished and she told me that I introduced something epic in a short story that could be made into a novel out of it. I wrote Blood Contender from my family’s house in the Joliet area, as I did when I wrote the story that got me placed in Withersin. I knew my fictional voice was akin to H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson, but my voice as a writer of dark literature really showed as a nonfiction writer. I reintroduced the self-portrait I took on the leather sofa at the old apartment in Justice, living there I started to see my work get sold to publishers and magazines in 2004-2007 to token paying markets and in 4theluv anthologies. When I got published with G.W. Thomas, I was just getting ready to have a street date with Donna Burgess — I saw the galleys for the novella and felt that there was something missing. When Donna joined Lulu.com in 2006, I introduced her to the software I was using for the third incarnation of Tabloid Purposes that being Open Office — I am the only publisher who took multiple formats for manuscripts because I had all the word processors. When I became part of Naked Snake Press I Was operating from two computers. I called my apartment at the time Lake Fossil Press North HQ. I finished the anthology from the relatives computer in the Joliet area, when I finished the layouts for House of Spiders 3 the room mate’s computer was about to crash so I burnt the novella onto CD-R. I did the same with APT. #2W.
       The one thing I will remember about being a fixture in the micro-press community is I became noticed in print first for writing nonfiction. Readers took me seriously as an author because of a true crime piece I wrote about a former classmate who murdered a cab driver. I got nonfiction following in 2002 from posting the story first on ThoughtCafe.co.uk when they were still around — that is where I first met J.M. Heluk. AT the time I got in touch with J.M. Heluk I had no idea that J.M. was a she. When I saw a picture of her on myspace, she had the looks of a movie star. She replaced Macey in the following Tabloid Purposes (she was slated to submit to the first one) — Macey parted company after Quakes and Storms. I got respected in the industry as a nonfiction author then they started to seek out my fiction for publication. So what I am doing right now is trying to pitch a query for a dark nonfiction story for the magazine — one e-zine made the mistake of calling a nonfiction story I wrote a fictional story that reads as nonfiction one when it was a work of nonfiction. What makes my entry in Withersin unique to stories of true paranormal accounts is that it was told from a Pentecostal’s perspective. IF you are looking for the story you, the reader can buy it on Lulu.com. Sign up with lulu.com for a free membership to buy the publication. It was the most eye opening and changed the direction of the magazine to a darker direction, and a much more real direction too.
  &nbsp      Misty did what Barbara Maleny tried to do in 2005, Barbara Malenky would been at home in the pages of Withersin if she was alive. Being in Withersin was a surreal and rewarding experience. It broke me out as a nonfiction writer. Barbara believed I could had walked away with a Brammy for longer fiction and best anthology in 2005 but there was a lot of politics and a fucking popularity contest. It is not about legitimate talent, it was goddamned circle jerk.
         A lot of writers from AuthorsDen.com in 2002 knew I was good. By the time I reached HorrorMasters.com, The Temple of Dagon and The House of Pain, they said I was that damn good. Brian Keene hates when I mention my Withersin Birth Issue credit because it reminds him that I am publishable. That pisses him off because everything he said about me not being able to write blew up in his face by my appearance in Withersin. I am looking to top that publication credit as a fiction writer since I am out there as a nonfiction writer. I have fans from my nonfictional efforts, just that the detractors will try and go out of their way to give me the wrong audience for my catalog. I am still trying to find a reviewer of the memoir that would give the book proper justice. In the magazine’s 10th Issue I reprinted a story written by a mystery author who was originally published in my magazine’s influence called Plots Magazine, a horror magazine that published horror without sex, graphic violence or even swearing. I wanted the author to come forward because I kept the story in circulation long after the Kewanee, Illinois, based magazine fold. One of my readers sent me the magazine after reading a short story of mine on a horror egroup. I thanked Misty by having her as a guest cameo in GAME OVER with a fictional story called “Impaled Beauty Queen” because the fictional magazine helmed by the metal head characters was based on the nastiest issues of our respective publications.
         The asshole publishers who called my body of work fan fiction had the nerve to insult Misty for publishing and some of their blogger friends harassed her into dropping me. A troll by the name of Peter Barns was upset I was being published, he bullied the magazines into dropping my submission. Sadly G.W. Thomas folded the magazine after the issue I appeared in with two of my anthology contributors — one being the magazine’s breakout start because he was able to illustrate his own work. Alex Rivera was my first triple threat talent to emerge out of the magazine. I never got anyone who was able to illustrate their own work. I illustrated the lulu.com edition of my first book and included a controversial illustration I did when I was still in college as the TOC page of the memoir. When I first did the KKK hanging from at tree, I was scanning up pictures with a college buddy who had a Mancow Fan Site called Mancowland. I am just starting to get back in touch with the readers from my gothic chatroom years. When I get accepted on anthologies or a magazine, Brian Keene goes on a warpath — he acts like the fuckers on Fandom Wank.com and all the people commenting on his blog lifting one of my titles blasting me don’t wamt my company to succeed. I lasted one year shy of ten years and writing guidelines up for the next few anthologies and taking on a helper with FANDOM, but told the helper to read up on the dark side of fandom scout the horror fandoms on fanfiction.net and invite them to submit to the anthology. I made it a mission of the company to redefine what fan fiction is — I am fan writing original horror, but sometimes get unique idea that will go up on fan ficion.net.
        I will use the model delivery from The Twilight Zone fandom with me playing Rod Serling’s role to swipe at rivals. I might use fan fiction net to get under Brian Keene’s skin by lifting his pen name as a character and he goes mad from stealing my settings and world worlds to make them perverse. I figured I could use the fanfiction.net site to get under his skin a little bit while I work on stories for submissions to other magazines and for another website I saw some prick do a shit story lifting from my memoir.