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alouhorror Jason Hughes was humbled to be a part of this anthology because he was in there with the classics. There was a lot of drama getting him though because of his former publisher kept saying he was ashamed of being a part of the anthology. Jason wrote a killer story for the anthology and it was one that happened to be the most taboo because of the implied necrophilia. I am going to link another website where he got featured at Beyond The Dark Horizon. I surprised Jason with sending the anthology to the Poe Museum. He was the first author I told that I did this then the rest of the line up was told via a mass facebook message. I sent Jason the version with the handwritten synopsis and a copy of the article in the Joliet Herald News that came out in the summer of 2011.
      The anthology you get to see him hold is own with a Tabloid Purposes alumni is Thirsty Are Damned: Vampire Anthology. This anthology has a cover that really kills — it rivals the latter Tabloid Purposes books because I too use photography for the cover art. He needed the right publisher to break him out there. If he submits to Shock Totem he can cash in on his cult following. I was amazed at his following on facebook.com, though I forgive him for appearing in the rip-off anthology to my controversial charity anthology I co-edited in 2004-2005 introducing a very young Trent Roman. The reboot introduces Dahlia Wolfe from FictionPress.com. The first publishing of the book introduces Joline Lieck and Tiffany Proctor as short story writers. The lulu.com location has the corrected cover so if you are going to buy the book sign up with Lulu.com for free and buy from there as a trade paperback. Jasom came in turn replacing the original closer who ended up calling me a bigot on facebook because of a scene in the first novel where The Picture Of Dorian Gray gets urinated on. One thing I noticed with Jason when I started to read more into him, was he supported the West Memphis Three. I was part of the e-mail discussion list for them in 2000 when I was going on as “ghettoraven@altavista.com.”
         My friend Trench made me aware of this case when he was posting his creative works and had his message board going. I wish places like Cemetery Dance and Weird Tales were taking submissions because those would be good markets for Jason to raise his resume as an author. He had one bad publisher, we all had a publisher like that. Lame Goat Press caved under troll pressure and dropped When Angels Wept Blood for consideration so I decided to put Dirty Black Winter together. That would been a paid sale for an urban fantasy novella with a dark evangelical slant. Getting Jason — the other publisher tried to play the dirty politics to hinder me from promoting him and the story in this anthology. I sent Jason a copy of Tabloid Purposes IV to see what his anthology mate wrote in my project — that was the height of my creative powers as a photographer. I want to see where his anthology mate came from.