I think I am going to submit “The Ward” to this magazine if I can keep it under 3000 words. I am at 1,200 words on this one and it is starting to develop a life of it’s own. It a dark cousin to the entry I wrote called 21 Days. It will refer to the nonfiction story I got published in 2007 only in passing and will make reference the darkly humorous The Room Mate. That story was born out of a joke and sent the story around myspace to entertain my friends. The joke came at the expense of a DJ who was DJ’ing at Gothicfest 2007 and was forced to sleep on the floor of the ex-room mate’s apartment. Everyone in the Goth scene knows Michelle Russo as “Crazy Michelle.”
      The Room Mate was one of those stories rooted in my real life. A lot of my darker stories take from that inspiration, “The Ward” is taking a trait all its own here. A different vibe than the true paranormal account I got published with years earlier. It had been a few years since I got my nonfiction published but I shared some of my articles on deviantart.com. I was thinking of making “The Ward” available on another website but this market is ripe for a story like this. I never submitted to a non-genre paying market, and this might break me out again as a nonfiction author.