Trying to find a market to pace a nonfiction dark story is hard, the story I am writing as N.A. Pacione is coming along slowly. I am looking at non horror markets that take horror stories. As much as that blow hard blogger Mike Brendan likes to shit on my work and my publication credits, I am starting out with square one when doing the next anthology. I am scouting horror writers on deviantart.com for would be contributors. Mike Brendan is going around saying I am not a writer, all he is a holier-than-thou douche who pisses on token paying markets for stories. Token payment magazines is the key place to get a fan base. Token paying magazines get you out there, and the 4theluv helps you raise your profile. I am making the run for a professional market, but assholes like Mike Brendan like to use my publishing credits in the industry like a public toilet.
      It had been a few years since I was published for my dark creative nonfiction, that is where I got the most praise in the small press. One of my contributors on the magazine did a story based on Lake Fossil as a Christmas present putting me as a character based on my background as a citizen journalist. I don’t see Mike Brendan writing freebies or trying to pay his dues in the small press. If the prick thinks I suck as a writer, let’s see him produce a horror freebie to offer up on the chopping block. I’ve busted my ass as a publisher not to let people like him take a public shit all over it.
      He is not a better author than I am. He likes to say he’s one of my betters but all he is and I will say it here is another version of a fandom wank. I could see him posting on fandom wank picking apart my freebie exclusive. He uses fan fiction terms to pick apart my work, I say he is better off getting a readership whacking off on fandom. I got sought after because I was getting published for writing dark creative nonfiction, writing The Cabbie Homicide gave me a following in 2002. It was my only true crime story and I mention this case in my memoir when I wrote it. “The Ward” I talk about one of my psychiatric hospital stays and reference the struggle with faith and the burden of having a diagnosis as Bipolar Disorder. I am going to see if Shock Totem would be willing to run this story when it gets done. In my magazine, the nonfiction was done in house.
      I reached over 1000 words on the story as N.A. Pacione and planning to write a horror exclusive as unclefossil on WritersCafe.org. I came back there to maintain my magazine and publishing company listings but some asshole decided he was going to brutally rape the listing. I post my horror stories as being a publisher over there, and my most frightening chapter of my publisher history is now behind me — I extended an olive branch to Darren McKeeman giving him a chance to contribute to the project I am working on as a co-editor. I invited alumni to help me to spread the word about the submission call.