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I got an e-mail from a former classmate, a pastor’s wife. She came across a preview of the memoir and she got nervous. I sent her the first namesake and the first collection. I told her reading those books first would prepare her for the memoir. I am getting insulted by a high and mighty prick calling me substandard, that is an insult to every magazine and publisher who ran my work over the years. I am trying to get a following with the freebies and making the rounds on newsgroups, going back to where I got my start with the submission calls and trying to find the right market for a particular short story. I don’t really care if the magazine is exposure at this point or a .pdf contributor copy of the magazine because it gets me a following. I am also will be writing some exclusive freebies to fictionpress.com.
      I am looking for a market that would have the balls to publish me because some stories I wrote took a lot of balls to write. I have manuscripts I started but working on more than one story at the same time. I am fleshing out “The Ward” and right now it is 1700 words. I sent Donna my anthologies to review on her new blog. She told me she wanted to see Tabloid Purposes IV when she saw the print versions of Tabloid Purposes 3. I told the former classmate that reading my work is a real walk on the dark side, and stepping right into my nightmares. I warned her my Christian testimony is raw and very graphic, first time I will ever write about having sex and dirty magazines will be in the pages of Confessional.
       I am including three never before published new manuscripts in with the testimony when it is written. I write about my struggles as a horror author who is a born again Christian, how some publishers don’t want stories with the Evangelical overtones with the intense visceral horror. Gruesome Cargo II the nurse is the evangelical and experiences some really fucked up things throughout the story. I offered up another freebie story and this was one that was making the rounds. This one I made available on wattpad. I am looking for an artist to illustrate my darkly humorous Greetings From The Afterlife so I can publish it with smashwords.com. That story was different for me like some of the stories on deviantart.com for me are — Accidental Ghosts and Life Inheritance were Gothic takes on literary fiction. I showed the former classmate the entry called 21 Days which is a semi-autobiographical nightmare about when I was in RUSH Medical Center. I was working on a full length a few years back about the time in there but I put it down because it got too personal.