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I am becoming pleased with the progress I am making on “The Ward.” I make some mention of the youth pastor I clashed with in Iowa in this when he said my manuscripts were nothing but blank pages and my testimony should cover multiple pages. The testimony is coming along too and will be working on some stories to include as exclusives to the testimony. I am looking for a cover artist for the book when it gets done, trying to make it not so damn churchy with it because it is coming from a horror writer. I was trying to do an anthology of dark Christian testimonies for Broken Mindframe Books. The idea for this came when I was talking with the illustrator on Issue 12, I’ve been the subject of persecution because I use strong religious imagery in the latter material. It is hard to find a market for stories that that are very dark with Evangelical Christian characters. Publishers seem to want stories about men getting a load of cum up their ass or another man swallowing a load. See I can be sexually graphic too in this blog, Mary Sangiovanni calls me disgusting and vile when I do sexual insults at her expense.
      I am still pissed off when she said she was going to warn people away from my publications and want to submit to the same places who ran her work just so I can shut her up. I am very critical of my peers in the genre, especially the authors who are my age because we don’t support each other. It is clear that Mary Sangiovanni hates my guts but it doesn’t give her a reason to use my books as her public defecation ground. I could see her printing one of my pictures so she can throw darts at it. I published authors much more talented than she would ever be and they have more heart about what they do — though some authors walked away and moved on, sometimes I wonder where they are now. I want to reunite with some of the alumni of the first book where I would break them in as editors using the no sex rule to put the anthology together using what they learned by working with me.
       I am trying to get another submission call on deviantart.com, and two people replied as grammar-nazis. I wrote the details of the submission call directly in the message of the forum on there, while I do this I am working on “The Ward.” “The Ward” will have some elements of my Christian faith background in there but it shows the darkness that is the burden of a mental illness. I have assholes saying I will never break out big as a writer so they go around stealing my titles for their bastardizations, they want to rape my titles in the ass and give them AIDS. I got assholes coming on as a fake name and hide behind fake e-mail addresses trying to say I am not a writer — I am addressing Mike Brendan here because he is a motherfucking broken record and hides behind being a Christian to be an overcritical prick saying, “No one will like what you write.” Fuck him and fuck his ugly mother too. He has better luck fucking his own mother than doing an anthology of short stories — if these assholes think my anthologies suck, why don’t they put out a submission call and see who submits to their project.
        The peers who are saying “I write better than you and you can’t write” I say this to them “fuck you, you are not better than me. You are just a stuck up scumbag who uses my publication history as your public toilet to wipe your ass with.” I want to see them toss up a goddamn freebie to see what they can do, they don’t have the balls to put their work in public view so it can be on the chopping block. All these jackholes saying, “Give up now you will never be a pro and your a fucking laughing stock.” Fuck them. They were molested by the family dog. I know that is a little vile suggesting they have vast amounts of sex with barn animals. Not only I have to deal with those assholes, but I have to put up with goddamned baby momma drama. Where I get pissed off is that Mary Sangiovanni tried to fuck with my publisher career. She calls me a shit writer, but I am more talented than she is — she can’t carry a scare in a true story. That is where I have the edge in the genre — scaring the reader with a true story and inspiring a writer to write a horror story using a real haunted place for a setting. That is one of my trademarks in the genre when I write ghost stories — the places I write about are real. I don’t do fictional cities or towns in my work and like Joseph Armstead my stories are set in the here and now for the most part. Some of my stories are set in the 1990s because that is when my writing period started, I started exactly in October of 1990 when I was a high school freshmen.
       What pissed Mary off in the business I started behind the scenes and got published with EbooksOnDisk.com — it was on my birthday I found out I got accepted. So that was why I made it a tradition to have the deadline for Tabloid Purposes set on my birthday. The books always came out on my birthday because that was the anniversary of when I first became published in print. I have assholes in the business say I am not published but only printed. I said “fuck you” many times over by selling to magazines. I remember what one publisher said to me about Mary and it was rather funny — Mary suffers from professional jealousy. I am not jealous of Mary because she is a raging bitch to authors who came way of iUniverse, AuthorHouse, and Xibiris. I broke a lot of those authors who went that route in with my magazine and anthologies. She was angry because I gave web-published, self-published and underpublished authors first pickings because I am underpublished myself. I am looking for that right market to submit to that would break me out as a creative nonfiction author then at the same time break out in a bigger market as a horror author. I made a name for myself as a publisher over the near ten years I’ve been publishing. I want to break into a Christian market but trying to find one that takes visceral horror will be hard.