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I had some damn yaoi writer get really pissed off at what I said of my no gay rule. I had this rule in effect since my e-zine days, and it made me rather infamous in the industry because I refuse to look at homoerotic content. I find it disgusting. I want quality horror without sexual content in my anthologies stories that do raise the bar in the horror genre. I did a discussion on deviantart.com and two jokers are calling it illiterate. I started preaching to the yaoi writer, much as I did when Kody Boye came out as gay in 2007. He called what I said really offensive. I posted the submission call to google+ inviting some friends in the business to submit to the anthology and study the guidelines carefully, looking at wikipedia.org about different fandoms in the terms of genre fiction. I am wanting authors to explore the dark side of fandom where it leads to obsession and destruction of the person they idolize. The fandom that is going to be explored in this anthology is the fantasy and horror fandom.
       Would be contributors must study the behavior of the fan fiction counterparts of us. I will be inviting some of the fan fiction counterparts to write original stories revolving around the dark side of genre fiction fandom. I am encouraging Dark Alternative characters for this one, think what I did with GAME OVER almost three years ago when I started writing it. Some of the contributors on my anthologies actually emerged from fan fiction.net starting out. So I am encouraging the coeditors to scout those websites in the horror fandoms and if they see a writer they like that they want to see contribute they report back to me via e-mail and I will get a hold of that writer personally. If the co-editor writes their story post it up for free where the place will show that show one story at a time, a blog isn’t the best place for something like that because it would get lost in the entries. I suggest to the co-editors get an account at WritersCafe.org and post the test story over there or post it up on DeviantArt.com.
       Make sure you proofread your manuscript before you send it, and send three attachments. One .doc is the actual manuscript, one .doc is the third person biography and the third attachment is a grayscale publicity author headshot (the kind of picture you send when you submit your novel to a publisher.) I haven’t done the author bio part of the anthology since editing Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology because every anthology were tomes I edited. I am looking to keep this one at 260 pages. I want it to be the size of Tabloid Purposes: Book Five or the size of Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology. I want to do the anthology to rival the Static Movement anthologies, but give them something that will give their publication real run for their money because I am willing to organize a team of editors on this one. I will handle the main editing and executive produce the book. I am willing to enlist publishers who published me over the years to assist with the selecting of the stories for this one and have them scout fan fiction.net for writers too. This was a long standing hobby of mine over the years.
      I’ve always scouted for writers like Nicholas Grabowsky did when I Was testing my stories on a newsgroup we both posted to. That is where he picked up INSECT for Downwarden.com. I worked with four of his roster on my anthologies and would love to have some of them help me co-edit this anthology. I am looking for an artist who can do a cover that would echo those of horror fanzines from the 1980s. The idea for doing this particular anthology came to mind when I was having a philosophical e-mail exchange with Tabloid Purposes One alumni Nicholas Stember about our fan fiction writing counterparts. Having a team of three other co-editors will help me make this anthology even more seamless than the anthologies I edit solo.
     I will take Cthulhu Mythos stories as long the fanboy or fangirl character does something really fucked up to summon a Great Old One. The Fandom Writer II is a Cthulhu Mythos story.