On A Publisher’s Confessional I posted one of my submission calls. If you really want to piss off Mary Sangiovanni tell her you are submitting your story to this anthology. This is a 4theluv project so the authors involved will be seeing a pdf copy of the anthology when it is finished. I wrote the test story on deviantart.com, and this will require a lot of research for stories being submitted because I want stories to explore the dark world of fandom, the horror of obsession some in a fandom will have to screw the people they idolize. The submission guidelines are a .pdf download, so if you see the guidelines and have friends that want to be published. This anthology can get them in the door. I am scouting an artist for the cover art for this. It is the first anthology I am trying to edit using a laptop and encouraging Lake Fossil Press alumni to help me scout new talent to break out there. Submissions for the anthology can be sent to nickolauspacione@aim.com. It will be published with Lulu.com as a trade paperback and a .pdf e-book.
       This is an anthology I am currently looking for a co-editor looking for experience as an editor to help with the submissions. I am inviting previous publishers of mine to help with the submissions. I am looking to invite alumni to edit anthologies using the no sex rule on Lake Fossil Press. Cover artists will be paid $30.00 for the artwork, but they must read the anthology proof so they can get an idea for what I want for the cover art. The deadline for the anthology is when filled, and follow the Lake Fossil Press house rules when doing the submissions.