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One of the past magazines who broke me out for mu nonfiction, the editor of the magazine said in a facebook message, “I am bored. I am game to co-edit.” So now I got two co-editors for this anthology, and all I need is one more and I am a team of editors. I revised the submission call and posted it on WritersCafe.org. My test story I told S.E. Cox where to stick it because I reference her in the story and what she attempted to do to my first novel. My life mirrors the main character’s in The Fandom Writer, so this anthology was done out of the spirit of the first story I did where I became aware of the world of fandom. When I started doing submission calls after doing the namesakes, I had Ramsey Campbell being so damn critical of my projects — where he said he pitied my contributors he is really missing out on some talented writers who took part in the project. I tried to do the submission call but had a lot of asshole trolls post links to the fandomwank blog that was blasting me, then the faggot who steals my characters and titles for his abominations on his blog trying to tell people not to submit to my anthology.
      I am not publishing this anthology with smashwords.com. It will be published with Lulu.com as a hardcover book and trade paperback. One of the alumni of the magazine is going to be one of the co-editors too on this. I got a bunch of pricks giving me a lot of shit, Dahlia Wolfe said people would give her shit too. I am going to invite her to write a story for this under her real name. She wrote the opus from the reboot of the namesake anthology. There are a lot of critics so willing to use my books and publications as their public toilet and my picture to wipe themselves. Mary Sangiovanni calls me a fucking laughing stock on her blog, and edits my fucking comments to make me look like her biggest fan and was jealous of her. The magazine publisher and I talked at great length about Sangiovanni on the phone. Sangiovanni doesn’t know what it takes to carry an anthology.