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Because of the drama the admins of Deviantart.com started with me on twitter, I decided to post Fandom Weirdness on FictionPress.com, AuthorsDen.com and another website. So this story is being read in all three places. It is my test story for the anthology I am putting together and some flaming cocksucker who had a failed publishing company vowed to fuck over my submissions because I refuse to publish any stories glorifying faggotry. The yaoi writing cunts got upset because I spoke out against homosexuality — the admins called me “Hateful and bigoted” when they decided to ban me. I was there for 11 years and that is sad but some of the stories I have there are published in the second collection meaning they are now print exclusive stories. I had my deviantart.com page linked to my magazine and the fourth Tabloid Purposes. Some dick was hurt because of the faggotry remark so he bitched the admins. I tried to pull one of the admins aside and talk to them like a human being.
      The yaoi writing hipsters were picking apart my submission guidelines then the faggot who kept stealing my characters stated I support the Ex-Gay movement. That is something that some people vowed to have me blacklisted over. Brian Keene said I am already blacklisted and he ended my career years ago. I am still around and publishing but I haven’t submitted to a paying market in a few years and it had now been two years since I appeared in Emantions. I had to get past 13 editors to get into that publication, meaning my story had to be approved by all 13. The story was changed from the original short story where references to The Weather Channel and WGN were taken out. It was the publication that brought me into the new decade, and there was one person on amazon decided to use the site as a public toilet to shit on my inclusion in the anthology. I was the only horror writer to be included in this anthology.