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The lies about losing the company and the stunt that S.E. Cox did on her blog was a near death blow to my company. Where angry faggots are calling me a fraud because I am a different publishing company from other publishers — meaning everyone has a say in what the cover looks like and the line up votes for one of my stories to be in the anthology. Tabloid Purposes 3 the line up voted for two of my stories via e-mail. That anthology was a contest anthology. Mary Sangiovanni early on tried to get a crusade of trying to end my publishing career before it even started. The fags in the business want Lake Fossil Press to die because I don’t glorify the faggotry. It took me a year to do the submission call for the second namesake and I had to wait until Panic Press tapped out so I offered the refugees a deal to be in the second namesake. Panic Press was lifting my titles for anthologies. Quakes And Storms was lifted and rushed, an overpriced and very small book where the real Quakes And Storms they were going to get their monies worth.
     I will send the alumni copies of the memoir because I wrote the book for them. I wanted the alumni to know where I came from and why I emerged the way I did. Cum guzzling faggots like Scott Colbert had sent penny payments to my PayPal Account – he started a publishing company that hasn’t produced a single book and the writers who got published with his imprint would bend over and let him fuck them in the ass. The troll that made the lie up about the loan was pissed at my no sex and no gay rule, started burning my books on youtube and came up with bullshit covers lifted from gay porn sites. He lifted my house pen name to blurb one of the plagiarized titles. He made it his mission to tell the world I lost the company and the SometingAwful.com goons were on the bandwagon along with the first woman I dumped a load of cum into.
     One erotic horror writer got pissed off at my banning of erotic content and posted every link to every story in Tabloid Purposes One before the book came out. One asshole decided to make a bullshit cover of a previously unpublished story and put someone else’s byline on it. Then would say I had plagiarized the title from them. They crowded Lame Goat Press’ message board just as the publisher was going to release When Angels Wept Blood. The publisher caved to the troll pressure, then in an e-mail S.E. Cox bragged that she sent the trolls over to the board to get me dropped from the roster. I decided put together Dirty BlacK Winter featuring stories that were published in magazines, anthologies, and some stories featured in house. They tried to lift the title of that one too putting a naked man on the cover and putting the byline of Dick Sinu — another fake name. They had two of the somethingawful.com faggots as bylins for the then unfinished GAME OVER trying to change the outcome and plot of the novel then doing a bullshit cover of that one too.
     The ones who are calling me a damn fraud are the queers. The queer gets angry because I don’t want to read about another man getting a load of cum of his ass or a baby being born from a man’s anus. I get kicked off Deviantart.com because I voice a Conservative point of view. Mary Sangiovanni calls me vile and disgusting, I think she got her introduction for her first novel by giving Brian Keene a blow job. Mary early on in my career made it clear that she lives to hate my guts and say that I suck as an author, insulting every publisher who would publish me. A lot of the trolls in the business try to make it their crusade that I never become published in the industry and Brian Keene brags about he ended my career years ago. Saying I am blacklisted from being published. He then says in my e-mail that he was going to sexually molest my titles to disassociate them with me. What makes it worst he is getting involved with my baby’s momma, the first woman I dumped a load of cum into. I am candid and real, I refused to play by the rules when I was a member of the HWA. I got kicked out for insulting Angeline Hawkes on the message board and a lot of people spread lies about how I stalked members of the HWA — I am hostile to the mass market mid-list because they do the cocksucking party of pissing on authors who release their books with iUniverse and PublishAmerica. S.E. Cox forced my hand in publishing with PublishAmerica with my first novel — I Was planning to sell it but that has-bin bitch tried to sabotage that. The has-bin bitch was going to do an anthology lifting the title of my novel. This is a common practice for her lifting titles from rival publishers.
     That is what not to do. I treat the roster like friends and family, I call affectionately call them brothers and sisters. I am opening the doors for the alumni to do anthologies based on the no sex rule. I became very well known for the strict house rules — I tell the would be contributors to not only read the submission guidelines but follow the house rules. Ramsey Campbell became critical of me doing anthology projects as just for fun. I will stop doing anthologies when they are no longer fun for me. I still find them fun to do — the writers of Tabloid Purposes IV had a lot of fun submitting to the anthology. Other mass market suckoffs hate me because I like to have fun with editing anthologies. Naked Snake Press founder called her publishing company a hobby, my hobby of scouting other writers started when I was 20 years old and running Shadow of Darkness. I remember back in the day when Melany liked what I did that changed when she broke up with me and made up malicious lies about me beating her. She decided to enter the industry by lifting my 2013 set cyberpunk thriller for one of her titles. She made a public address to have me boycotted because I speak out against homosexuality. I’ve been speaking out against it since 1997. I don’t want my publishing company glorifying homosexuality in the pages of the anthologies, and I expect that rule to be followed when people submit.
     When the staff of Deviantart.com locked my write up calling it a scam, I beg to differ — someone got angry because I spoke out against a homosexuality on deviantart.com closing a chapter — my illustrations on there are now lost. The stories I had on that site are now print exclusives. I am trying to instrument my return to doing all original authors in an anthology, and the yaoi writing faggots were calling me “illiterate” and the assholes who were stealing my characters and titles were trying to tell people I was a “bigot.” The crusade to end my company started in 2006 after doing Tabloid Purposes 3, I present the question have they even read a Tabloid Purposes? I am starting to offer my anthology experience to other publishers so I can expand my resume as an anthologist. Ellen wished me a lot of luck with my own projects, but the thing I am the subject to is the Goddamned industry politics. I was suspended from the HWA boards for calling the president a tool because I was the one who was more the willing to give the self-published, and the underpublished a chance. One who submitted to Tabloid Purposes IV cried for my blood because I spoke out against homosexuality calling me homophobic.
      I can see where Bob Gunner is coming from when he was publishing, because he had writers who were ungrateful brats. They were not happy about being just published they got greedy. A.R. Braun is greedy and wasn’t happy with getting a token payment for his story, he turned around and called my magazine “fake” — he entered the world of self-publishing with a generic title for a book. This author decided to challenge me to a fight on YouTube.com after the rant I did when he called the company fake. Lake Fossil Press is a small press institution, it is a starting point for a lot of writers who are looking to get out there — it opened doors for a talented writer who could illustrate his own works. All the writers are multi-talented. It is a place for long time friends to get their start and open some eyes. My reputation I got is I was willing to publish former classmates.n I broke my first love as a horror writer in the pages of Issue 4 she was published as a fantasy writer. People were all over her because they found out I was one of her first boyfriends.
     She lit the fire under my belly to become published in print after being published online since I was 20 years old. I’ve been a fixture of the horror E-Zine since I was in my 20s. I got submissions from LiveJournal when I ran the Goth Community and I attempted my first time as a publisher in 2003 but didn’t have enough interest. I was going to publish a journal of nightmares written by members of the Goth LiveJournal community. One author who I read when she was a small press writer, I asked her in an e-mail about collaborating — she laughed and said, “I don’t write well with others.” That writer was Cherie Priest. She was a regular on the community as I was getting a following with my diary-x journal. My first collection were the entries from diary-x, and some of the stories in the other two collections were also from that journal.
     I was bullied almost from the beginning of becoming a published author, a good part of the cocksucking party in the industry would have none of it. Some made fun of my entry in Reality Check at the World Horror Convention. I don’t do conventions because I would get into fist fights over my roster. The author that I challenged to a fist fight on facebook was Ray Garton because he threatened to stick me in a loony bin and the fandom wank tried to screw over submissions of the first local issue of the magazine. In that issue I broke in one of my best friends in the Goth scene, I was their early web master on a blog they had on another website because they were kind enough to spot some cash for me to catch a train back to the city. They got me my first book major book signing where I shared the bill with John Everson. When I am billed with another horror writer I am billed a science fiction author. I’ve been writing science fiction for almost ten years, and Lake Fossil was written as a parlor trick to show a contributor I could also write science fiction. That contributor and I were talking about what was harder to write — he is predominately a science fiction writer who was published since the 1990 and his daughter is also a writer. We were talking about a good vehicle for her to be published on — so I am offering to let her submit to my new submission call. Some authors on Tabloid Purposes One refused payment saying, “Just being published in print is payment enough.”
     Tabloid Purposes I returned the favor for Fright Library webmaster for ushering my website onto the web in 1997. I gave him the lead spot. I worked with a lot of friends in the business over the years, and treat the roster like friends. The only contributors I treat like shit are Eric Enck, Jane Timm Baxter and Marc Lyth because they acted like ungrateful brats. I have no room for writers who act like spoiled brats. If they want to be spoiled brats I will treat like spoiled brats. Kody Boye acted like a diva when he blew up my inbox about wanting out of the book, It took me some time to remove his story because he was towards the middle — he hasn’t had a paying market publication since he started. He might had worked with Dr. Pus early on but he is self-publishing everything like when he was first starting out on the lulu.com boards.