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This is an inteview another blog did with Issue 12 surprise contributor, Ray Faraday Nelson. I chimed in on the interview and the blog who did the interview is now following ,me I thought about getting their e-mail address so I can send them a .pdf of the magazine so they can see Ray’s story with an updated illustration. I was amazed at this interview and the blog who conducted the interview is following this blog. I still can’t believe I got the permission to publish the story. I didn’t think I would actually get it. I e-mailed Ray and showed him Flying Cigars as it was a pdf file asking if I could publish his famous short story in The Ethereal Gazette. In a week later I got the permission to publish it and wanted to keep the story a surprise. A lot of other well known editors in the business commended me in private about getting the permission to publish the story. A.R. Braun was supposed to be in the issue with this story but he wanted more money than what I offered Ray for the story. That was an expensive reprint but it made the issue the most talked about issue in a long time. When the issue was done, I was acting like a general on a mission to instrument the street date for the issue because this was the issue I had some highly talented illustrators join me and another publisher comes on to bring the story into the new decade.
       I got the story at the height of the shit storm that S.E. Cox caused when she did her now infamous myspace blog accusing me of stealing manuscripts. This issue saw a lot of my long time friends in the business come together too and for the first time see a story that was an adaptation from one of my more infamous short stories from the early years. I reunited with my old E-Zine contributors for this issue. Barry was from my e-zine, it took me a while to figure out who he was and thought why does this author seem so familiar to me? Then it dawned on me he had a story published in the E-Zine I ran from 2000-2002. I reunited with T. Casey Brennan to give his story a reintroduction to the new decade marking its ten year anniversary since I first published it. Timothy Deal actually e-mailed me about T. Casey Brennan — I had a few contributors who got wikipedia.org pages, and I Was mentioned on one alumni’s page. I had a wikipedia page in 2005 but it was taken down because of it being drastically vandalized by people trying to pass me off as a gay author. I don’t write stories that glorify homosexuality nor will I publish them. Issue 12 saw my breakout from Issue 5 return with a tour de force horror story that got illustrated and his brought his long time best friend along for the party. The contributors got a first look at The Midnight Diner, one troll critic decided to pan the issue and encourage people to pirate Ray’s story as it was on a wayback machine link from Geocities where I first found it when Casey Gordon and I were talking about the story in AIM after I wrote Flying Cigars.
       This issue wasn’t about another publication credit to add to everyone’s belt — everyone involved wanted bragging rights as supporting cast to Ray Faraday Nelson. I wanted Ray’s story to be the centerpiece of the issue, I e-mailed Nick Popio about leads of getting other stories. He tipped me to the other two stories I included in the issue. I was trying to obtain permission to publish Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery. I got the next two best things and got an obscure collaboration H.P. Lovecraft did with his wife. I published another obscure Lovecraft story in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 11 called Old Bugs because it was set in Chicago. Doing Issue 12 was something special for me, I am going to look back at that issue for years because I don’t think I could repeat the magic that went into the issue. The magic is compared to when I first did Tabloid Purposes as a publisher for the first time.
       I got a lot of visual submissions for the issue and A.P. did a hell of a job bringing Ray’s story to the 2010s. It is still a dream for me getting permission for this story, it is like trying to get a rare story by Richard Matheson (I would love to publish a Richard Matheson story on my anthologies.) I reunited with Tabloid Purposes One and Tabloid Purposes IV alumni for Issue 12. I introduced my third story using Evangelical Christian characters in this issue being my most visceral opus where the seeds of the story came from a book I read just as I reaffirmed my faith titled Lucifer Dethroned which is the writer escaping from Satanism. The pastor’s wife was a writer of horror in the story where she was referencing Crowley’s given name, I got the idea for that directly from this book. I bought the book after doing the first Gothicfest where I was on the bill with the publisher of Dark Moon Press. I was supposed to be a part of one of their anthologies when they started out but found out I was uncomfortable around transexuals. Issue 12 was the second time I Was featured as an illustrator with a drawing I did when I was sitting in a diner sometime in 1998 living in Iowa. The other drawing I did during that same period was showcased on the reboot of the namesake.
      Around the time I acquired Ray, I also acquired cult writer Jason Hughes. I was trying to decide where to place Jason when he sent me his story, I didn’t want to overpower Ray’s entry so I included this in the anthology reboot. I had six alternate writers come on when I rebooted the anthology. One of them came fresh from Issue 12 and the other two were featured in Issue 10. I came to them by invitation asking if they would like to replace the original closer and Boyer. There was a lot of facebook group drama from the group the original closer runs, he got upset at I was writing GAME OVER about the scene The Picture of Dorian Gray gets urinated on. I came to one of my company’s founding writers to see if she would be game to write a story for The Ethereal Gazette. Her contribution came from watching some of my own Lovecraftian Horror stories and reading a story by a deceased anthology mate of hers from Tabloid Purposes II. So the story she wrote read like a collaboration between me and the fallen alumni of Tabloid Purposes II. Issue 12 became the roster’s finest hour. It became what Tabloid Purposes IV was for Tabloid Purposes. I coined this issue the younger brother of Tabloid Purposes and the first namesake. The three books are siblings.

Medical Diagnostics of Chiriqui

In MD of Chiriqui, we try to get out of the mainstream of health care to find different points of view. We believe in changing things for the better, but it’s hard to keep optimistic with all the chaos around.

This week, we’ve asked Ray Faraday Nelson, American author and cartoonist, most famous for his “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” story that later became the film “They Live”, by John Carpenter. But Ray is no ordinary author. He studied theology at the University of Chicago, worked with science fiction legend Phillip K. Dick, and invented the propeller beanie.

The plot is we’re living in a world controlled by aliens, known as “Fascinators”, that have the rest of us, regular working and middle class humans enslaved, unknowingly carrying out their will while being kept under a trance brought by mass media.

The main character, George Nada, is awakened to this reality…

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