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I got a slew of e-mails from Brian Keene saying he is going to shut down everything, he is just butthurt because I suggested that he had his own mother suck his dick for him. He vowed the only career I have is flipping burgers like the first fan fiction writer character from The Fandom Writer. I truly feel like I am living out A.J. Poe’s life in the stories because he was the writer who was the most harassed and people wanted to crucify him for what he says. The writer character in The Fandom Writer II is A.J. Poe’s best friend, a writer who had decided to take interest in a gossip blogger and fandom wank based on S.E. Cox — some of the characters are based on some of The Ethereal Gazette alumni as they take turns beating the shit out of her for plagiarism. I don’t send this one to hell but have the horrors unfold akin to the way Wes Craven did when he wrote New Nightmare.
       Keene won’t end my career as much as he said he ended it years ago. He was pissed off that I am still getting picked up and published to this day. Jerrod Balzer insults me in the business by calling me a fan fiction writer in the Edgar Allan Poe and Lovecraft fandoms. I just echo the work of both authors because I am influenced by them. Not many authors in the business have this influence in their own voice. Gruesome Cargo II returned to my style I did when I wrote the first story nine years earlier. My dark creative nonfiction has the Edgar Allan Poe traits. I have a hard time getting this published because all the markets out there only take fiction. The Ward reflects on the hazing I got in the industry. The disgusting petition to have me committed before I was finished with Tabloid Purposes.
      I am responding to the assholes on twitter saying that my name is the pen name of J.K. Rowling. I am not the pen name to anyone, seeing that the fags at Skullvines Press are so obsessed with calling my published works fan fiction. I wan to see each of them submit to Fandom following the house rules — I am taking away their use of sex and perversion along with the sacrilegious insults they insist on using. They are the most amoral publishing company out there where teh staff circle-jerks each other for publications. That is what Skullvines is — a fucking circle-jerk. They insulted one of the editors who published my true paranormal account saying the magazine is a self-published operation just like me. I taunted them into doing an anthology on createspace.com to see if they can do a submission call for stories that aren’t perverse. I get a lot of shit for looking for writers who can write it clean. I was rooted in a magazine that was published in the 1990s called Plots, it was a horror magazine that published stories that didn’t swear, use sexual content or were graphically violent. I adopted the no sexual content from this magazine and transcribed the mystery author’s story to the web and brought the story to my magazine because I want this author to come forward because I kept the spirit of my magazine’s influence in circulation.
       Keene vowed to shut down my Lulu.com account, My AuthorsDen.com page, FictionPress.com and the three facebook accounts — two are fan pages. One for my author page and one for the publishing company. I did the page so the alumni can reconnect and touch face to keep me updated on what they’ve done after working with me. My crime in the business is I lose touch with everyone who worked with me. I am in touch with previous publishers and became very good friends with them over the years. Though one of their current contributors made it their personal crusade to shut me down and call me a scam publisher. I’ve been a mixed publishing vehicle, a paying, 4theluv and the reader fee market. I want to be the house of all three. The dark creative nonfiction journal I was going to put together was going to be the reading fee market. It was going to be the publication I was going to do with Broken Mindframe Books. I started Broken Mindframe Books for the memoir. I became friends with another magazine — we were comparing notes about having a contributor in common and thinking a way to jointly promote him.
      I e-mailed the alumni of the publication and sent them a .pdf of the memoir because I wrote the memoir for the Tabloid Purposes line ups. I wanted them to see where I came from as I emerged into the scene as a publisher. Brian Keene bullied me for entire publishing career and would say I am blacklisted from being published from magazines. What makes him a total scumbag is he is threatening to silence every place I have a digital footprint and did the same threat that Ray Garton made to me years ago that got me challenging Ray Garton to a fist fight. Garton and Keene never wanted me to succeed as a writer, Keene is scared that I would blow up bigger than he did because I don’t write about zombies or hybersexual vampires. I get pissed on because I will take a swipe at slash writers and will swipe at rival authors and publishers in my stories. They get mad because I will swipe at them in such a way and get published for doing it. Jerrod Balzer needs to stop calling me a damn fan fiction writer, he called Ghosts In The Tornado a fan fiction story based on ScyFy Channel movies when I got the idea from the line up of Quakes And Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology. That line I worked with inspired me the most, they inspired me to work with natural disasters in my stories — inspiring my Storm Apocalypse novella. That is Storms of Armageddon.
      I like to come up with subject matter that will leave the reader unhinged, when I wrote The Fandom Writer every slash writer out there wanted my head on a platter and introduced my alter ego A.J. Poe. A.J. Poe is a more extreme version of me when I write Evangelical characters in stories. He is an average Joe who swears and voices controversial opinions. I never thought I would be doing a novel featuring A.J. Poe — GAME OVER features him as a contributor to the fictional magazine In The Depths. I am going to be doing more stories about the fictional magazine because it is based on the nastier versions of The Ethereal Gazette and its peers. GAME OVER was a swipe at a former friend, decided to have a little fun with Peter because he verbally spit in my face and accused me of stalking his wife when I was only pointing out a dead link. Apathademon laughed via e-mail when I showed him GAME OVER, “You have a competitive spirit.”
      The thing about Keene is he doesn’t like competition. The other publishers tried to close me down because I refuse to publish gay content. A lot in the business want my head for this, they wanted me to be like every other publisher out there publishing gay horror. I became the door for Christian writers to be published — Coach’s Midnight Diner was the safe haven for Christian writers to have a full range of creativity. When I invited Coach to join me, I met a kindred spirit. I almost worked with one of his breakout stars but the anthology got lost in a computer crash. I will always give a writer a chance to be published but as long they are not a spoiled brat about it. My entire life as a publisher they wanted my head because I refused to play by the rules. I was going to change what the publishing community was about by ushering in talented self-published writers. This didn’t fly with Mary Sangiovanni when I started out and when I called her on it saying, “Your heart isn’t in the genre.” I touched a nerve with her. She got angry when I said she was in it for the dollar signs. She only cares about the money when it comes to writing horror. I believe the money will come later, I am trying to submit out but seems like every market is closed to submissions. I plan to write some novellas for smashwords.com if I can find a gifted illustrator.
       I am trying to orchestrate a come back as an anthologist by enlisting a team of editors to work with me. I am offering the daughter of a Tabloid Purposes One alumni a vehicle to be published. This alumni was the one who planted the seed to do Tabloid Purposes. I got one of the writers from Dread Central. When the book was published I got into a fight with one of the message board admins on Horrorfind.com I told him to go fuck himself. Horrorworld.org won’t give me the time of day because I suggested they don’t know horror talent if they had a severed dick in their ass. When I got accepted for New Writers Of The Purple Page, I told one of them to go pull a rabbit out of their ass. I don’t mince words when I will tell someone off. Fred Coppersmith was the first magazine I got into a feud with and the fags at Gayest Uncommon Denominator leaked one of my stories after they rejected it. They called The Gazette a rip-off of Gayest Uncommon Denominator when my magazine came out first. I am not a snob to writers in the industry — if you are cool with me, I will treat you like my best friend. If you piss me off you really don’t want me against you.