Of all the editors and publishers in the business, I have really filthy potty mouth because I do swear in my submission guidelines and will do what they call the most offensive rejection letters if the writer pisses me off with a submission. I will give an example. I had this joker send an e-mail to my magazine’s inbox. He queried for a story about a man sexually attracted to his own father. I replied with a vulgarity laced reply saying I don’t want anything that sick. I had another joker query calling my magazine The Ethereal Gayzette. I got angry and hammered into him. He got upset and created Lakefossilpress.com trying to say Lake Fossil Press was in a new era and new ownership. He wanted me to subscribe to a liberal agenda. The joker was using nick3lakefossilpress.com for the e-mail address and called himself Lake Fossil Press UK. Then the asshole who started writing stories as my grandmother showed up on Lulu.com as lakefossilpiss. I went into an angry tirade and calmly said in the review, “Excuse me while I make your funeral arrangements.” It turned out the person behind it was the jackhole who harassed me via the mail with these goddamned post cards hiding behind no return address. I had to quickly create the magazine’s website and then they would vandalize the magazine listing on WritersCafe.org, then the asshat that showed up as @nickypacione on twitter.
      And people wonder why I get really hostile. I am an easy guy to get along with, you just don’t want to piss me off. Threatening to shut down my storefront is a very quick way to piss me off and say I need a career change such as flipping burgers. The mass market prick said, “I ended your writing career years ago.:” He showed up as “Brian K. Pacione” saying he wrote a book called “GAME OVER: THE END OF PACIONE’s CAREER” the fucks at Skullvines Press and the failed publisher at Bandersnatch Books would try to ruin my submission call then lift my freebie story just to flame on the damn thing. Calling me a fraud publisher when I am a different kind of publisher — I was doing both paying and 4theluv markets for anthologies. I am thinking about doing Editor’s Choice with the upcoming anthology. I got some asshole blogger saying my career had been in the toilet for years.
      Because Keene had been sassed royally via e-mail he wants to silence me and see that I would never be published again. he was saying he was going to start lifting my titles for his sick amusement. He’s been a scumbag my whole career because I Was the first writer to tell him to go fuck himself. Keene had harassed me over the phone because I tried to confront Sangiovanni for giving the mark one line a lot of shit. The mark one line up was the most bullied of the Tabloid Purposes roster. Tabloid Purooses II saw bullying from the pricks at Gothic.net — a fuck named Al_Kilyu would do doctored pictures of both books portraying them lining a birdcage. I had assholes like Colbert insult the magazines who published me because he “claims” I have no talent. I got a lot of feedback for the dark creative nonfiction, I am looking for the right place to send it. But these animal molesters would harass the magazines into dropping me.
     I have two dark creative nonfiction anthologies I want to put together. Horror takes on creative nonfiction. Being I included a creative nonfiction piece in the first issue of the magazine, I was looking to break out a bunch of dark creative nonfiction writers like I did with More Frightening Than Fiction in 2006. I was the only micropress publisher who actually runs nonfiction back in 2005 along with Tales of the Talisman. Dave broke me out as a nonfiction writer first then he became interested in my fiction offerings. That is the pattern when I get accepted in magazines, they see the gothic creative nonfiction first then they start asking about my own horror fiction. My memoir is a surreal take on creative nonfiction. I was writing dark nonfiction since 2002 when I wrote The Cabbie Homicide. That is the story they always seek out first in my nonfiction catalog, that story is my calling card when I write eerie creative nonfiction. An eventual publisher when she read it actually said, “Holy Shit” in the review. That was the first time I saw someone swear about my work. I had people giving me positive feedback in 2005 when I wrote the narrative I Want To See You In Black which was part of the original rough draft for An Eye In Shadows. I included it in the version I got out there finally.
     Some assholes out there who go out of their way to flame my catalog are too busy gargling cum. All they fucking do is flame the work or try and altar the goddamn ending of the story such as K.H. Koehler did. I don’t see her trying to submit to creative nonfiction publications. The thing with those publications is you have to shell out a reading fee to get your foot in the door, that is just for consideration. When Withersin came along, I was talking on the phone with her asking if she took nonfiction. That was when I had just finished Apt. #2W in the 2100 word version when I released it in my magazine a few years later I made it a little more foulmouthed. The Ethereal Gazette version had a little more profanity in the dialog. When I wrote the third story that got me noticed for creative nonfiction, that was actually one I did when I thought I lost Chronic Disease. When I was doing Dirty Black Winter – I found a lot of my lost manuscripts. Dirty Black Winter consisted of some reworks from 1998, I expanded The Dark Place to reflect my current style then expanded the title story entry which was originally called SOBER. I included the angry 144,000 which was the first time I made Jehovah’s Witnesses into my horror playthings. But when I am writing “The Ward” it is as dark as 21 Days, but I am mentioning a lot of dead memories throughout the time I was first suffering with Bipolar Type II.